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  1. Default I can drive your car from NY to LA or San Francisco

    Hi everyone, I am a tourist from Germany, am looking to drive someone's car from New York to California. I will start in NY on 08.07.2012 and I am going to reach California on 29.07 or 30.07. The benefit to you is that you'll get your car transported across the country without having to pay massive shipping charges. I am an extremely respectful driver who has been driving for 10 years. SUVs and tracks (passenger, no cargo)))) are welcome! Many thanks!

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    Default Strongly Not Recommended

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    While your idea sounds simple on paper, I can tell you that I would not recommend your plan of borrowing someones car for a cross country trip.

    The risks are too great, especially for the car's owner, but also for you.

    As the owner of a car, it would be a huge financial risk. If you were to get into an accident, the car's owner could and likely would be held financially responsible. There are also big questions about insurance, and their insurance company may not cover you or the car if they consider it to be a commercial transaction. There's also the simple reality that if you don't show up at your destination, they basically have no recourse, and again, even insurance might not cover a "stolen" car since they handed you the keys.

    For you as the driver, you'd also have to worry about what would happen if you have a breakdown. Will you be responsible for fixing it? There are other things of that nature that make this a much more complicated issue than just driving a car for someone else.

    There is a solution, however, and its called a Driveaway. People who need cars moved contract with a company who finds someone to do the driving. Its the same concept, but with a commercial company in the middle to handle the many legal issues and potential problems. That's the only way I would ever recommend doing a trip/transport like this.

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    Default Making DriveAway work

    As Michael has already mentioned, it would not be wise to make these sort of arrangements on your own with just anyone who wants a car moved. The legal implications could be horrendous. However, as he also went on to point out, DriveAway facilitates such travel. Unfortunately, these days there are very few cars available, but with a bit of flexibility on your part, you can make it work.

    For example: Right now (end of June) there are three vehicles on the east coast, which need to be delivered to TX, one in Boston, two in Baltimore. It would mean taking the bus or train from NYC to either of these places. Plot a route, and see what there is which interests you along that route. There will be many thousands of attractions, so some should please your taste and interests. You get a set time frame within which you should have time to check out at least three attractions and briefly visit several more.

    As I said, if I were doing this today, I would contact the Houston Office (the only office in TX) and ask if they knew of any vehicles coming up to go to the west coast in the next week or two... either at their office, or another nearby office. I used the Greyhound or a rental car to get from dropping off one car to where the next car was. It could mean spending a few days in TX before been able to move on.

    This is only an example of what I would do if I were doing it today. But as I said in the report to which Michael linked, you need to be flexible with your dates and your destinations. You may find that going coast to coast could take three different cars. (The lasses whom I helped get a car to Dallas, wanted to go to SF. After delivering that car they picked up a vehicle back to CA.) If you have this flexibility, it is something I would highly recommend.


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    2 adults, 2 cars, a 90 mile trip? One adult drive one car, the other adult drive the other......

    It's only going to take you about an hour and a half.

    Or, you could take the OCTA bus to San Clemente, then the NCTD bus to Oceanside - and then take the Coaster or another bus into San Diego to go back to pick up the other car.

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    Default thread hijack/redirect

    The rest of the discussion about smithp879's move has been moved back to his original thread about his trip.

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