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  1. Default Family of four planning tour this needed please?!

    Hello all,

    It's been way too many years since I was on a road trip of the US and we are planning one this summer with our two children aged 8 and 11. We will fly into NY on 18th July and then have 6 weeks until we need to be back there to return to the UK. Sorry that this message is quite long but I really would appreciate some help/guidance/experience to help us plan a great trip. I think the car is a better option than flights between places.

    These are the things we would like to see Niagra Falls, (would quite like a route out there that takes in the Catskill mountains, I was out there as a camp councellor many moons ago and have fond memories. I would also like to show the kids some of the Amish towns), we need to be near Raleigh Durham in order to catch up with friends for a few days, definitely would like some time in a beautiful national park...smokey mountains?, drive to Florida via some family friendly interesting places (all suggestions welcome), will need to spend time at the Disney/universal etc parks...or children will never speak to us again...probably a week there. After that we are thinking of heading down to the keys and definitely would like some time in the Everglades, be amazing to see some turtles and on my wish list would be some dolphin watching. Bahia Honda Key looks fab. We would like to finish in a relaxing spot for a few days chilling on a beautiful beach with great sunsets ( not had too much of that in England this year!).

    We would love to stay in some unusual but laid back not too expensive places on the way. I love the look of some of the log cabins in the smokey mountains, a dream would be a cool beach house experience somewhere in the keys...but price may be prohibitive.

    At this point we are thinking of flying back to NY from Miami or Key West for our return flight home. Will we be stung by car hire companies if we pick up in one place and drop off at another? We could drive back up to NY but take in some of the east coat beach areas on the way. I have got as far as holding NY flights and that's it....found your forum and thought it was the perfect place for inspiration....I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help.

    Thank you.

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    Default A Couple of Compendia

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The east coast and Appalachian Mountains are certainly great places for a RoadTripso one that goes roughly from New York to Niagara Falls, down the Appalachians to Florida and then up the coast back to New York would be a great holiday indeed. Rather than repeat a lot of previous advice we've given, let me first point you to a couple of general overviews of the areas you want to travel through: first the New York to Niagara section and second a round trip down to Florida and back. A couple of general things to keep in mind if you plan to make use of the National Park System: If you plan to use more than four or so parks, then the Annual Pass is a worthwhile investment. Just pick one up the first time you're asked for an entry fee. The other great free service of the national parks, and your children are exactly the right ages to get the most out of it, is the Junior Ranger Program. While you're at it, be sure to check out some of the lesser known national parks, national forests, and national wildlife refuges as well. You often get one-on-one attention from the Rangers, and a close-up and unhurried view of history and nature that is missing from the more popular parks.


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    Considering that you can drive from Miami to NYC in 2.5 days via the "motorways" if necessary, with 6 weeks, you have PLENTY of time to take a "loop" trip, going from NYC to FL via an inland route and returning via a coastal route. This would definitely save you on the car rental cost (there is always a "one way" dropoff fee) and avoid the cost of an internal flight back to NYC.

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