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  1. Default Route 80 East from Park City, Ut to NYC! Camping, Motels and Sights for kids needed!!

    Help! We are leaving next Saturday, June 30th from our home in Park City, Utah to our home in NY. I have 2 boys- ages 5 1/2 and 9. We've never driven this far with them. Please send me some ideas to do along the way. Any fun car games? We are hoping to drive 5 hours a day for 6 days. Any places to camp? Any decent cheap motels? Any good and fun sights to see? How about July 4th? Then again, not sure where we'll be then! Maybe Ohio or Pa? Anything will help! Thank you!!! :)

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    If you only have 6 days, you will have to drive more than 5 hours a day. It's a 2200 mile trip, that's about 370 miles a day. With fuel, food, bathroom, and rest stops that's going to be at least 7 hours a day. This is going to limit your sightseeing and diversions to things that are on or real near I-80.

    With 4th of July in mind, I'd take I-80/I-76/I-95 (Indiana Toll Road, Ohio Turnpike, PA Turnpike, NJ Turnpike). I hope you have an EZ-Pass!

    Overnights would be around:

    Cheyenne WY
    Grand Island NE
    Iowa City IA
    Angola IN
    Pittsburgh PA for the 4th of July

    It wouldn't hurt to try to build a little cushion - such as going past Grand Island to York or Lincoln, past Iowa City to Davenport, past Angola to Toledo. This will give you more time on the 4th in Pittsburgh.

    You could cut out a bunch of tolls by going out of Pittsburgh on PA-28 up to I-80.

    You could of course stay in Youngstown on the 4th, and that will have you off the toll road, but I think the 4th would probably be more fun in Pittsburgh. I'd bet that there will be a lot of stuff going on down on the very picturesque riverfront. I don't know what Youngstown's claim to fame might be.

    If you prefer a "small town" experience on the 4th, possibly look at Clarion, Brookville, or Du Bois PA.

    Click on the Hotels & Cars in the green toolbar on the top to look for hotels.

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    We're not travelers at all, however, we live near Toledo, and if you have the time, The Lake Erie Islands near Toledo (Sandusky, Port Clinton, Marblehead) offer quite a bit of family-friendly fun activities. Cedar Point is one of the area's bigger attractions. It's a huge amusement park with major roller coasters, rides and a water park. There are camp grounds, hotels & a lot of other attractions in the area. My kids love it! It might be a good place to stop for a break from the road- swim, play and enjoy summer in Ohio!

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    Thanks for sharing. This thread is a year and a half old, so its unlikely the original poster will use the info, but hopefully some other future reader will!

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