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    I am planning on driving from Los Angeles to Houston. I am moving between the two cities, and driving seems to be the most convenient way to get this done. I have a Toyota Corolla (no cruise control, automatic transmission) and I was planning on driving along the I-10.

    My girlfriend will be driving with me. We want to do the drive in as few days as possible.

    My question is: what is the smallest number of days we can reasonably complete the drive in?

    I have never driven such long distances before, so I don't know what to expect. Any help will be great help!

    Google throws up this:

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    At right around 1550 miles, this drive is easily defined as taking three days, when you consider that for most people 550 miles is a solid day of driving appropriate breaks and that even professional, experienced, long-haul truckers are prohibited by law from driving more than 600 miles a day. When Google and other software mapping routines tell you that such a drive will take "24 hours" they mean 24 hours behind the wheel under the best of conditions. That does not factor in stops for fuel, food, gas, sleep, or bathroom breaks. That also does not allow for slow downs due to traffic, construction, hill climbing, accidents, speed traps, or anything else. Think of it this way. This long a drive is work: 3 eight hour days.

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    Plan on overnights in Tucson and Fort Stockton.

    If you arrive in Phoenix in rush hour, I'd recommend taking AZ-85 south off I-10 down to I-8 to rejoin I-10. In Tucson, stop on the southeast side of town to avoid the morning rush when you leave - or continue on to Benson for the night.

    West Texas is very sparsely populated, Fort Stockton is the only lodging choice within many miles.

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    This should be a challenge.

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