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    I am very new to road tripping and tend to fly everywhere. This poses some challenges for me since I like being in control and planning every minute of my vacation. We are leaving Cedar Falls, Iowa at 4:30 on July 6. We'll spend the night in Lincoln, NE. Then head to Colorado Springs, CO for the night. From Colorado Springs, we'll detour to Royal Gorge and then hit Albuquerque late on the 8th. We'll stay in Albuquerque until the morning of the 11th. Then we'll go down to White Sands Monument on the 11th and the Space Museum on the 12th Nd then immediately head to Amarillo, TX to stay the night. Then the next day we will see Cadillac Ranch and head to Witchita. On the 14th we will go to St. joseph, Kansas to see the old Psych Ward and maybe the Jesse James museum then head back to Cedar Falls. This leaves us one extra day before we both head back to work.
    So my question is... Did I pack in too much to do? And my second question is... Is it a safe idea to not book hotels until the night before we ride into town?
    The idea is that we want the flexibility to change our plans on the fly if we decide to travel off the beaten path or decide we want to stop and see something that caught our eye along the way. We don't want to stay in cheap motels but prefer places like the Holiday Inn, etc.

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    With the glaring exception of your first couple of days, the pace of your trip is one that can be maintained fairly easily while giving you some time for sightseeing each day. make no mistake, the bulk of each day will be spent behind the wheel, but you should be able to take several breaks to actually visit some of the sites you'll be driving to. But let's talk about those first two days. Day one sets the wrong tone for your trip, I think, by trying to leave so early in the morning. If this is meant to be fun, sleep in. It's only about 320 miles to Lincoln (far too much, if you're not leaving until 4:30 PM!) so take advantage of having a relatively short first day to make sure that you are well rested, have full daylight, and don't leave anything behind before departing. Day two is another spot where you may want to reconsider. 540 miles may not seem like much, it is in fact about what we recommend for a typical day's drive, but you'll be following all of the following: the Platte River, the Lincoln Highway, and the Oregon Trail, so there will be plenty of scenic and historic sites worth visiting.

    In general, reservations are not required while RoadTripping in America, Exceptions exist, of course, such as around major national parks during high season; during fairs, festivals, and such; and in very sparsely populated areas.


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