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    Me and my wife to be are ready to head off very soon on our Honeymoon.

    We are flying out to Las Vegas where we are spending 5 nights (including a helicopter trip over the canyon)!

    After Vegas we pick a car up and set off for Palm Springs, where we stay for 2 nights.

    After Palm Springs we drive to San Diego for 2 nights!

    After Palm Springs we drive to LA where we drop our vehicle off and have 1 night there, flying home from LA.

    I am after some advice regarding the drives from each state as I have never driven in USA before.

    Any tips on what routes to take/avoid and where is good to stop off at along the way and any sites we MUST see?!

    Thanks in advance!!! :-)

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    Default Some Unique Opportunities

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Getting from Las Vegas to Palm Springs can be little more than a drive down a major Interstate, I-15, with maybe a short break for lunch. Or it can be an 'excuse' to see some of the more interesting spots in the desert southwest. For the later, you would start by taking I-15 south but only as far as Wheaton Springs CA where you'd take Nipton Road east a mile or two to Ivanpah Road south through the Mojave National Preserve and Kelso then continuing south on Kelbaker Road as it crosses I-40 and follow it all the way down to national trail Highway west and Amboy. As you exit Amboy make the left onto Amboy Road and head for Twenty Nine Palms, taking Utah to the north entrance Joshua Tree National Park. Transit the park using Park Boulevard, Pinto Basin Road and Cottonwood Spring Road to emerge from the park and join I-10 into Palm Springs. going this way will require a bit of navigation and will take maybe an hour or so longer than using I-15, but will expose you to a couple of little visited national parks. If nothing else, you should simply pay attention to the passing landscape and see how many movie locations (especially from sci-fi movies) you can recognize.

    Similarly, the 'standard' drive from Palm Springs to San Diego would also follow mainly I-15, but if you take some of the back roads such as CA-74/CA-371/CA-79/CA-78/CA-67 you'll have a much more interesting time of it.While in San Diego, I strongly recommend that you spend an afternoon in Balboa Park wandering among the many different museums, gardens, puppet shows, etc. Another day could be well spent exploring the shore-related attractions such as taking a harbor cruise, visiting the Scripps Institute, window shopping in La Jolla or similar activities.


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    Default Flights over the Grand Canyon or Grand Canyon National Park

    Quote Originally Posted by 205cissie View Post
    We are flying out to Las Vegas where we are spending 5 nights (including a helicopter trip over the canyon)!
    Whereas a flight over the Grand Canyon can be a magnificent experience, be sure you know what you are purchasing. Most of the flights out of LV do not go to or over the Grand Canyon National Park. They cover the West Rim, which is Indian Land, and does not equate to pictorial views you have seen of the GC in books and on film.

    There are flights which do go over the GCNP. These typically take off from Tusayan, near the south entrance to the park.

    Not that there is anything wrong with taking a flight from LV. Just be sure that you know what you are getting. On the other hand, there is nothing like standing on the rim, and looking into this canyon. Just awesome!


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    Default Grand canyon NP.

    To follow on from what Lifey has said, if the Heli flight is not booked and payed for, I would consider driving to the GC National park [south rim] from Vegas, stay the night and drive to Palm Springs from there. If you removed one of your Vegas nights you wouldn't really lose anytime there, as the GC trip will take a lot of the day up anyway.

    You won't forget standing on the rim to witness a sunset over the canyon in a hurry !

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