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    Default CO to CA Redwoods, Pop-up, 2 kids and a puppy

    Hi out there,
    My family (2 kids 8 and 5, husband and year old dog), are planning a trip to the great Redwoods in Northern CA but I am getting overwhelmed with the info. We have 10 days to get there and back with stops along the way. Does anyone have any suggestions on some must-see stops or camping recommendations along the way? It looks like the campgrounds in Humboldt State Park is where we are headed (Weott) but we are open to suggestions.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default It'll Be About the Trip as Much as the Destination

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    With a dog, two kids and a pop-up camper, you're looking at the better part of three days each way to get between Denver and Weott. So, you'll be spending at least as much time on the road as at the Redwoods, But if you treat the trip as part of the adventure, then this could be an enjoyable and memorable trip. First off, you should plan on stopping every few hours to give the children and the dog a chance to run around and blow off excess energy, and to feel like they're actually seeing things en route. You might also want to plan a slightly longer stop each day so that there's some 'there' to get to besides the far distant Redwoods. If I were doing this I'd plan on three relatively equidistant days with overnight stops somewhere around Salt Lake City and Reno. Besides commercial campgrounds, you might want to look at East Canyon and Rockport State Parks outside Salt Lake City, and maybe Lahontan State Recreation Area or Washoe Lake State Park outside Reno.


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    Default Out and back.

    How long did you want to spend at the Redwoods ? I would take a different route each way so you get to see new sites and going home will also be part of the adventure. For example you could take I80 to SLC and then head towards Lassen Volcanic NP and through Redding and Whiskey town National Rec area and come further south on the way home. Perhaps via Sacramento/Reno and then take US50 [The Loneliest Road] to I70. You could then visit the Colorado NM or Arches NP near Moab. That would only add 50 miles and about 3 hours driving time to the most efficient route, plus of course any extra/longer stops you may make on the way.

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    Default Many thanks!

    Thanks so much for your reply AZBuck! I will check out all of those options and we were thinking along the same lines - 3 days each way. We were able to secure a camping spot right among the trees so we'll be spending four nights in the Redwoods and the rest on the road.
    Happy trails!
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