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  1. Default San Antonio TX to Bremerton WA

    Moving from San Antonio to Bremerton Washington this summer and wondering on the best route. Would like to avoid mountains as much as possible as well as avoiding Los Angeles area. Any advice would be appreciated. Have an older vehicle and not sure about heavy mountain driving. Thanks

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    As long as you are sticking to the interstates, and you aren't towing anything, mountains should not pose any significant issue for your car. If its in good enough shape to make a trip of this distance, then it shouldn't have any problems with the gradual grades you'll find on all interstate highways.

    Assuming you just want to get there asap, then I'd say your best bet would be to head up to Amarillo via Lubbock, and then continue on US-87 all the way to Raton, NM. Once you get there, it would be interstates the whole way, taking I-25, I-80, I-84, and I-82 into Washington, via Denver, north of SLC, and Boise. That also is probably the least mountainous route you can take. Going via California would only add about 100 miles, put it would actually involve quite a bit more mountainous terrain as you head north up I-5.

    Its about a 2300 mile trip, so you'll need at least 4 days driving at a quick pace with 10 hour days on the road.

  3. Default Advice to avoid mountains from Texas to Washington state.

    I will be traveling from Mesquite Texas to Silverdale Washington in August and am wondering what is the best way to go. Hopefully avoiding as much mountain traveling as possible Thank you

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