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  1. Default SF > LA > LV Honeymoon Roadtrip September 2012

    Hello all,

    id appreciate comments on the below if people would be so kind :)

    We have been to LA before and Vegas (Just for 2 nights).

    Mandalay Bay is booked but everything else is yet to be booked. We are intending touring SF on foot and picking the hire care up on the Monday for the road trip, dropping off in vegas a week later :)

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    I guess you've decided against heading to Orlando for your honeymoon?

    There is nothing wrong with the plan you've laid out, however if it were me, I'd complete the loop and finish your trip in San Francisco. That would give you a chance to also go through Death Valley and Yosemite. It also could end up saving you money in car rental and airfare costs.

    Alternatively, if you are locked in to flying out of Vegas, then I'd consider driving from LA to the Grand Canyon, before heading to Vegas.

    Either of those options would mean shortening your time in Vegas or elsewhere, but you might find that its worth it.

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    Thanks for your reply Michael.

    Orlando was a real option but my future wife decided she would prefer the CA road trip. Orlando is something we will do again when we have a family, this option is better as there is just the 2 of us at the moment. :)

    We are tied into going home from Vegas as the flights are booked.

    We decided on 5 nights as we can setup there and enjoy a bit of gambling and a few drinks as well as relaxing by the pool/outlet shopping and just generally taking our time to finish off our honeymoon.

    We will probably do a trip to the Canyon either by bus or Helicopter if we get some spending money from our wedding day :)

    Is the itiniery in terms of driving pretty realistic? We have yet to book the SF and hotels on the drive down.

    Luckily there are 2 UK based companys that offer free 1 way rentals between California and Nevada (Netflights and USCarhire)
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    Default 'Very' realistic.

    You will have no problems with your drives, they are easily achievable and your Honeymoon is set at a very relaxed pace.

    Be aware that most tours that leave Vegas for the Grand canyon go to the west rim on Indian lands and are not part of the National Park. To see the GC 'proper' you would need to ensure the tour takes you to the South rim.

    Any trip to San Fran should include a trip to Alcatraz. To save the possibilty of waiting in long queues only to find out the boat is full and having to wait for another, I would book in advance if it appeals to you. This is the only officially recognised ticket office by the National park service where you can book in advance. All others are agents, where you will either pay their fees or get roped into booking other tours to go with it.

    Leave a nice amount of time to drive the coastal route between Monterey and Cambria, it's quite spectacular with nice stops along the way, such as Julia Pfieffer Burns State park and Mcway Falls. You might want to check out Hearst Castle while in San Simeon area.

    Mcway Falls captured by RTA member 'Roadie'.

    From LA to Vegas you could spend a little time on the road and take a trip through the Mojave National Preserve. It would be possible to drive across Death valley, [instead of Mojave] but would make for quite a long day on the road. Probably 10 hours with lots of short sight seeing stops and lunch etc.

    Have a great Honeymoon trip and Congratualtions BTW !

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    Thanks very much for that Dave.

    Im glad your experience tells me that its a relaxing itiniery and ive judged it right. Having never done it before you just dont know yourself. Ive been to LA/Vegas before so understand the sheer scale of the place (Most people dont realise just how big the distances are between places until they visit) but its still a guessing game when trying to plan whats best.

    The McWay falls looks amazing, ill add that into our notes pack that we take with us.

    Ill certainly look at taking the more scenic route to Vegas too! Thanks again :D
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