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    I'm driving down from Dallas to Big Bend National Park. The plan is to take complete the drive down over two days. Does anyone have any advice on the best route? Do I go on the US20 Highway or via San Angelo? Can anyone offer any advice on the best route and what is worth seeing a long the way?


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    Default 'Best' is a Judgement Call

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    In order to define anything as 'best', you have to define what your criteria are. If what you care about is minimizing the amount of time behind the wheel, then the fastest route is I-20 to just east of Monahans and then Farm Road 1053 to Fort Stockton and US-385 the rest of the way. That could actually be driven comfortably in a day (at least to the Persimmon Gap Visitor Center). You can save a few miles by going through San Angelic, either by way of Abilene or Cleburne, and then US-67 to Fort Stockton and US-385. Again, that could be done in a day's drive.

    But you have two days and are looking for something "worth seeing". Well, to be honest, this is West Texas, and while it has a 'desolate beauty' that appeals to me, the same may not be true for you. But one possible route with some things to see on it would go like this: Use I-20 to clear the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and then US-183 down to Brownwood with an en route stop at Brownwood Lake State Park, Then take US-67 to San Angelo and US-277 south to Sonora and the Sonora Caverns. Hop on I-10 to Sheffield and Fort Lancaster State Historic Park and then finish up from Fort Stockton on US-385.

    Another very generic route that you might want to look at with as much time as you have would be to go through Austin and San Antonio and then taking US-90 through the Amistred National Recreation Area to Alpine and US-385.


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