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    hello guys,

    Im with my family are planning on a trip from LA to Vancouver, canada this summer. Im not sure how many days our trip will be (it should be a week or so). So far, what I'd like to do is: LA- sequoia park-yosemite-sanfrancisco-san jose-portland-seatle-vancouver. I kinda know which routes and places I should take in the area in california. However, I deffinitely need advices on the routes from san jose to vancouver. which places should I stop and visit? thank you :)

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    First, I'd think you'd want to do visit San Jose before San Francisco. In fact, I'd at least think about going from Yosemite down to Cambria, and head up the coast before you get to SJ.

    From the Bay area, you could either make your way up the coast, or go more inland and explore places in the mountains like Crater Lake. If this is a round trip, you could do one set one direction, and head the other way for the trip back. Having said that, if it is a round trip, you'll need quite a bit more than a week to do everything you've said you want to do. Even doing all this one way in a week will be very busy.

    Also Keep in mind, if its a one way trip, you typically can not take a car one way from the US and drop it in Canada, and if you are allowed it typically involves a rather large extra fee. You'd save a lot by dropping the car around Seattle, and finding other transportation to Vancouver.

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    Oh gosh, I totally forgot about the car. Im not sure if I can drive to vancouver with my car.... if not then it's really sad :( and yes it's a round trip, I live in LA so I have to drive back. I really want to visit vancouver but if Im not allowed to drive there, I probably have to think back :(

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    Ive just done some research and driving to canada is Ok. I need to recheck with my insurance company tho. :)and thanks for your advice.

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    Default That's a Problem, Then

    Los Angeles to Vancouver is over 1200 miles, one way, by the most direct Interstate route, I-5. That would take a very solid two days of driving (at the outside limit of what's legal for professional long-haul truckers) with no stops and no side trips. Start adding in any 'fun' things on the way up and back and you're looking at three days driving each way. That doesn't leave much time in Vancouver if you only have a week.


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    It's rental cars that can't be dropped across the border - but they generally CAN be taken into Canada and back out. All you need for YOUR car is proof of insurance valid in Canada - and of course, passports for you and your family.

    "A week or so" - it needs to be "or so" - to do this without wearing yourself out, you will need a whole week plus both weekends on either side - that's 9 days. You may even want to try to get out of LA early Friday afternoon and drive for a few hours to an overnight stop, perhaps Bakersfield or even Visalia. I'd do an inland trip on the way north and a coastal trip on the way back - reserving SF and SJ for the way back.

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    The limited amount of time along with the number of destinations in your original plan made it sound like it was a one way trip - and frankly, that's the only way the original plan would have worked. And if its a one way trip, that certainly implies rental car.

    Driving your own car is not a problem at all, US license, registration, insurance, etc is all valid in Canada. Of course, you do need a passport to cross the border.

    As has been mentioned, there's just not nearly enough time to do all the things you want to do with the time you've got. Since you live in LA, and want to make it to Vancouver, I'd cut out anything south of San Francisco, which you can easily visit on weekend trip in the future.

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