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    My husband and i are planning a trip from stockton, ca to missoula montana in august and we thought we would take us. 80 thru nevada then pick up us. 95 thru idaho. I wanted to find out if anyone has driven on us 95 . I would like to know if it is very windy or steep. And because my husband is a fisherman are there very many streams to fish along the way? Any info would be helpful

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    Default Fishing in Idaho

    Hi, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Not having driven 95 through ID, I can't speak for that, but I am familiar with 55, 21 and 75. Whenever I have been there, there have always been lots of folk fishing along the rivers, which run by those roads, and the lakes. Stanley Lake appears to be a particular favourite, as does the Salmon River along 75. There always appear to be lots of folk standing in the river, fishing. (And you have Sunbeam Hot Springs.)

    Depending on where you are heading in MT, you may like to consider taking 200 into MT. from 95 down to Missoula. This too winds its way along a river. A most scenic route. And although I do not know anything about fishing... you may find there are opportunities here as well.

    As well, you have the National Bison Range just off 200, along 212.


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    I have driven US-95 from Winnemucca to the Boise area, and I didn't really see anything I would recommend, it's a fairly desolate area. It can also seem like it takes forever, because the speed limit through the Oregon portion is strict 55.

    I think I'd prefer US-93.

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    I can attest to US 93 being a fine drive. At various times in the distant past to as recently as one year ago, I've driven US 93 from Wells, NV to Glacier National Park, MT (excepting the segment between Challis and Twin Falls, ID).

    The segment between Wells, NV and Twin Falls, ID is wide-open high desert, wide two-lane, 70 mph speed limits, with snowcapped alpine mountains to the west. There's a dramatic bridge over the Snake River canyon at Twin Falls, complete with a pull-out and observation deck.

    From Challis to and just beyond Salmon, ID, US 93 follows the canyon of the Salmon River through increasingly scenic canyon country. Just north of Salmon, the river turns west and enters the "River of No Return" wilderness and US 93 quickly enters forested alpine country up and over Lost Trail Pass, entering Montana.

    Descending into the headwaters of the Bitterroot River drainage, US 93 passes through the scenic towns of Darby and Hamilton before reaching the more suburbanized outskirts of Missoula some 90 miles from the Pass.

    All in all, it's a great drive which I highly recommend.


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