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    I will be headed to Dallas from southern New Hampshire in early July with my daughter. We had planned to do the drive in 3-4 days and perhaps seeing something on the way. I would like to know: the best route, great things to see along the way... especially after the Pennsylivania area, how long should it actually take, and suggested overnight stops. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    If you only have three days for the drive, it is going to be essentially a hard day's night. You really won't have time for anything but the most direct route and the briefest of stops. The (almost) most direct route is I-93 down to I-495 and I-290/I-90 to I-84 all the way to Scranton PA. Technically, it's shorter to go through New York, but not by enough to make a difference, so why go through that hassle? From Scranton, take I-81 all the way down to Just outside of Knoxville TN, then I-40 to Little Rock and I-30 to Dallas. Overnight stops would be around Strasburg VA and Dickson TN. But that means driving more than 600 miles each day. Doable, but not particularly enjoyable.

    If you can add a fourth day, then you can have more reasonable driving days of about 450 miles or so, and would be able to make somewhat longer stops at one particularly interesting attraction each day. Overnight stops would be more like Harrisburg, Spurgeon TN (junction of I-81 and I-26), and Forest City AR. One set of suggested stops (one each day) would be the Delaware Water Gap, Lexington VA (a quaint town), the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, and Hot Springs National Park. There are, of course. other options for a daily stop, but those should give you some idea of what's available.


  3. Default New Hampshire to Dallas road trip help

    I will be leaving on Sunday, July 1st to drive from New Hampshire to Dallas. We plan to land in Dallas on Thursday before noon. I need suggestions as to where to stop along the way, cool things to see, etc. On Sunday I expect to spend overnight in Harrisburg, PA. Thanks for your thoughts. I had posted this once already, but can't seem to find the response on the site.

    Also, with being on the road on the 4th of July.. where to stay? We could arrive in Dallas on Wednesday the 4th and stay in a hotel.. what city/town would be the best choice?

    Again, thanks.

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