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    We are looking at doing a road trip from Coeur d'alene (north west'ish where we're starting although can fly to another start point) down south and cannot decide whether to go down the west coast or straight down through Montana, Yellowstone, Vegas / Death Valley.

    Can anyone direct me where to look for route / trip planners based on previous experience of 'good routes' (if there is such a think) and also on best way (cheapest) to do the flights?

    Any comments on the route, how to plan and work out mileage etc?

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Default Thousands!

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There are literally thousands of 'good routes' but no single 'best' route. The beauty of the road trip is getting to decide your destinations based on your interests and time availabilty etc. You don't say how long you will be travelling for, or if you are planning a one way trip ?

    First off I would get a good map of the USA and do a little research and get some dots on the map based on what grabs your attention. Once the dots appear you will get an outline of a route and then you can start joining the dots up and seeing what else is possible in between 'A and B'. You will find Lots of info searching the forums and checking out the planning pages above. Sure, we can offer advice and help to fill in the blanks and make suggestions etc, but only you can decide whether the west coast is best for you, or down through Yellowstone etc. If it's a round trip and you have the time, you could create a loop that includes some of each.

    Once you have done a little more research and new questions come up, just ask away. Enjoy the planning !

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    Hi Dave, thanks for replying!

    We would like to do a bit of the city thing and also the nature thing and have 2 weeks end of july / beginning of Augst.

    We can pick where we want to fly to, e.g. Seattle or Phoenix. Originally we looked at driving down from Seattle down the west coast to San Francisco, LA, LV / DV. although wondered if that would be too ambitious in the time frame and we didn't know why we wanted to go to these places other than they're well known!

    The other route we're looking at and im trying to find a site to do a mileage calculator, is to fly to Phoenix, and then drive across to San Diego, LA, DV, LV and then back to Phonix.

    Realise it's hot this time of year but we have no choice with time of year.

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    With 2 weeks, I think your best bet would be to limit your trip to either the Northwest or Southwest. Just doing the west coast would also be an option, but I don't think you'd want to then head as far inland as Vegas.

    If you are looking to save money, you'll save significantly on both flights and car rentals by doing a loop trip in and out of the same city. Typically, flying into a major city like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, etc will result in a much better deal than a relatively small city like Coeur d'Alene. If you are doing a loop, you can compare prices among all of the cities within that loop to get the best deal.

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