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  1. Default Richmond VA to Seattle trip in June 22nd

    Hi.. Planning to move from Richmond VA to Seattle WA on June 22nd by my car Toyota corolla with 3 people.

    We are planning the trip for 10 days by starting on Friday June 22nd and ending July 1st (10 days) by stopping one day in Chicago and one day in Yellowstone national park..

    I searched this entire forum for most visiting places on the way, not able to find.

    Any one suggest me, which route, do I need take?
    Is there any other places to visit on the way? Any suggestions..

    Is there any tools on the way?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    Welcome aboard RTA! Maybe the way the Map Center and the Attractions listings are laid out, that's confusing.

    Which route you take depends on YOU. Lay out a good paper map and see what things between you and your destination intrigue you. Make your route from there. To refine a route, feel free to ask us, as we can do that. As far as places to see along the way, you can route yourself to see what you want . It takes 5 days to cross the country, plus you want a day at Chicago and a day at Yellowstone. That leaves you 3 days. In another post (someone else's topic) you mentioned I-90, so I suggested Badlands, Wind Cave NP, or Mount Rushmore.


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    Default Tried the Map centre.

    Did you check out/find the Map centre at all ? I find it to be a good tool and once you have familiarised yourself with it, well I don't find it confusing at all tbh. You can create complete routes with 'way points', or make individual maps by simply putting in Chicago and Yellowstone as an example and then select 'Find attractions within xxx number of miles. Alternatively you can just click on the map in the area you will be travelling and search for attractions in that area.

    By the time you have detoured into and out of Chicago and Yellowstone you will be looking at about 6 days of driving, plus a day in each place and you will only have a couple of days left to 'wander'. Plan to travel no more than 550-600 miles per day where there is no major sight seeing, just rest breaks/quick stops. That's about 10/11 hours of journey time and will keep things safe and sane. For example, Sioux Falls would be a reasonable 'aim' after leaving Chicago and you could visit the Corn Palace in Mitchell next morning. Badlands/Black Hills would make fo nice detours on route.

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