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    Default Dallas - New Orleans - Dallas

    Hi All,

    We are returning to the USA in August for our third Road Trip. In 2010 we done the West Coast and last year we done the East Coast.

    This year our plan is to do Texas - Louisiana.

    Previous advice from members on this site made our last Road Trips very enjoyable.

    Our current draft plan is:

    Fort Worth 3 nights
    Austin 1 night
    San Antonio 2 nights
    Houston 2 nights
    La Fayette 1 night
    New Orleans 3 nights
    Longview 1 night
    Fort Worth 1 night

    Any advice on our route or on sightseeing opportunities would be greatly received.


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    Default Lafayette ?

    Hi and welcome back to RTA !

    La Fayette 1 night
    I take it that you are referring to Lafayette LA [one word] and not La Fayette AL. ? If so you have a nice relaxed trip ahead of you with easy journey times. I'm not really familiar with these parts so I will let others come up with suggestions, but by searching the forums and scrolling down this page you will find 'Similar threads' full of ideas while you wait.

    In the tool bars above you will find plenty of other planning resources, such as the Map centre where you can create routes and/or search for attractions, selected and written by RTA's own contributors.

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    Well spotted......we're staying in Lafayette LA....

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    Default What's Your Pleasure?

    While this area of the country is not known for its scenic wonders, as is the Southwest, there are still some natural areas worth exploring.Probably topping the list is the Creole Nature Trail, but also be sure to drive one of the longest bridges in the world and to get to some of the Gulf Islands. What other kinds of activities/attractions were you looking for?


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    Thanks for the response.

    Myself and my wife will be travelling, both in our early forties.

    We have tried to plan some city sightseeing coupled with some small town visits and maybe a visit to a decent beach on the Gulf Coast. (suggestions appreciated)

    Rather than do the international tourist thing, we are really keen to go out and do and see what locals get up to on a night or weekend, that said we are going to see the Texas Rangers whilst in Dallas, the Fort Worth Cattle market and the causway out of New Orleans. We partucurarily like local foods, so that's a must for us.

    Any advice or areas to avoid would be greatly appreciated.


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    As long as ur in new orleans keep heading east on I-10, mobile bay area is a great area with lots of wonderful food,,,then keep going untill u reach gulf shores,Alabama with its white sand beachs and emerald green water!,,this part of the gulf is clean and offers many things to do!!

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