Me and my girlfriend are planning a two week road trip, longer if needed, from Tampa to a hunting lodge my family owns at Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario Canada, about 3 - 4 hours north of Toronto. We posses financial support from both are parents, so gas will not be a problem, and we plan on taking I-95 most of the way along the east coast to pass through most of the larger cities until Boston where we will cross over the border to Algonquin park. Then on the way back we plan on passing through Niagara Falls and Bufallo, which we will then follow the Appalachian Mountains to Northern Georgia where my family owns a cabin that we will stay at. I just have found that there is so much to see along the way especially along the Appalachian mountains when heading back. I guess my question is what are the must stop places or cities up the east coast? Where are also the best places to camp along West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee when following the Appalachian and Smokey Mountains back to Georgia? We are also rock climbers that often go up to Chattanooga(TN), but have not climbed any where else outside of the local gym. So we are wondering what are some good spots for bouldering or sport climbing along the way?

Are current itinerary is (Places we are going to spend the night):

Way Up: Savannah(GA), Charleston (SC), Greensburough (NC), Washington (DC), pass through Philly and Baltimore, NYC, Boston, Algonquin Park

Way Down: Toronto, Seneca Rocks/Spruce Knob Camp Site (WV), Summersville Camp Site (WV), New River Gorge Camp Site (NC), Cherokee National Park Camp Site (TN), Great Smokey Mountains National Park Camp Site (TN), Blue Ridge Mountains Cabin (GA), Atlanta (GA), Back home

Thank you for any responses. Just let me know what you think so far. If their are any specific camp sites in these areas or better ares to stay along the way please let me know. I'm just looking to make this an amazing experience and don't want to leave out any possibilities. We were also considering taking historic highway 1 up to Boston, but not sure if we would pass through much opposed to I-95.

Thank you for the help!!