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  1. Default Clueless first timer

    Hi, all,

    This is my first road trip, and I basically have no idea where to start. I am planning to leave Toronto and travel south into the states for a 10 day road trip. It's two people in total.

    Any recommandations?


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    Default Where to start.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I basically have no idea where to start.
    Get yourself a good paper map and start researching is what I would advise. You will find endless amounts of info and ideas throughout the forums and road trip planning resources above. Nobody will know what appeals to you and your interests more than you do.

    Presumably it will be a round trip and if so, look to create a loop that has you taking new roads the whole trip. A full day on the road with just basic stops and no real sight seeing would be between 500 and 600 miles. A lot will depend on at what pace you want to travel at and whether you want to spend days at a destination or keep on the move. So a round trip of 2500 miles would be a split of 50/50 [roughly speaking] between driving and sight seeing/relaxing.

    Once you have done some reading and got some dots on the map, I'm sure someone will be able to help with filling in the blanks and answering any further questions you have.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Default Start from within

    First, determine what has given you the desire to come into the USA for 10 days. Is it cities, country, some particular tourist destination, an old friend? Or do you just want to get out of Toronto for a little while and have, in the words of Chuck Berry, "no particular place to go"? Does the other member of your party have any suggestions? If you don't have even a single destination, I'd recommend finding at least one and then building up your trip around that.

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    Thanks all for the reply.

    We sort of want a mix of city and country. We want to drive through NYC for 1 day just to see a broadview show, stop by Washington, and through groove city on the way back for shopping. Our biggest problem is determining our destination. Given that it is 10 days trip, we felt all the way down to Orlando and see disney may not give us enough time to enjoy the in-between. We thought of Myrtle Beach, but neither of us are keen on sitting on a beach for 2 days. We would love to end in some place where there are hiking trials and outdoor activities for destination and enjoy the cities on the way to... Any suggestions of a good destination?

    Thanks so much!


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    Default A hour's worth of reading.... infinite places to explore on your road trip

    Here are a couple of dozen road trip routes that I recommend you read and from that you can start to create the perfect blend of destinations and routes that appeal to you.

    Northeastern states

    Mid-atlantic states -- including Washington DC.

    And I agree, driving to Orlando seems too far for this trip. But you might consider a short route in this region.

    Another source of destinations would be to look at our day trips section.

    Here are five from NYC

    It won't take you much more than an hour to skim the reports listed above and then you'll have a much better view of some of the places you might like to visit.


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    If you are looking for hiking trails and outdoor activities, maybe the Great Smoky Mountains National Park might be what you are looking for.

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    Thanks guys for the wonderful ideas!

    We finally decided we will end up in Myrtle beach and staying there for three nights. We will also reserve one day for shopping. That will give us another 6 days for the route going there and back. Seeing another fellow travellor's post to Myrtle beach, we decided to take a similar approach. We will stop by Washington on the way to, and through Great Smoky Mountains on the way back. Ideally, we would love to see as much as possible, but given our amateur status, we also want to be realistic, just in case things happen along the way. Do you feel I have time for another stop? If so, what would you recommand?

    Being first timer, we also have some questions about lodging. With 10 nights, hotels are going to cost a lot. Again, safety being a big concern, we wonder about some alternative cheaper options, even if just for a few nights.

    Thanks guys for all your help!


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    Orlando is a destination in itself, and from what we've determined, worth at least a 4-5 day stay just to do Disney.

    Broadway Shows ... there's a booth right in Times Square where you can pick up same-day tickets. Otherwise, you can look online and see what interests you. You can order and place them at "Will Call" for pick-up on the day or evening of the show.


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