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    Default Vancouver to New York or vica versa

    Hey there me and a friend are thinking of doing a 3-4 week road trip around America late October sticking to the East and West Coast and the Souther Border.

    Here's a rough outline of what we're thinking

    Are there any weather concerns around this time that we should take into consideration? We're not sure whether we should fly to Seattle/Vancouver and drive down or drive from New York to Seattle/Vancouver and fly home as well?

    We'd also like to do a mix of seeing cities as well as visiting a few natural wonders. I'm aware a lot of parks are closed this time though, if anyone has any reccomendations of parks and/or landmark sites along the way (or slight detours) that would be greatly appreciated!

    We're budgeting about 3000/3500 each just in case as we're renting a car, and are probably mixing it up between couch surfing and motels along the way. Hoping that should be more than enough to cover car rental, gas, accom, food and fun along the way.

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    It's going to have to be Seattle, because you can't rent a car in one country and return it in another country. You can, with permission, cross the border in a rental but you can't leave it there. There is public transportation between Seattle and Vancouver.

    I only see 2 possible issues with your route.

    1. You cannot take a rental across the Mexican border at all, and it's even very dangerous to walk across to Tijuana. The drug wars along the whole US border are out of control. If you really want to go to Mexico, fly to the resort areas.

    2. You will be restricted to the South Rim at the Grand Canyon - the North Rim will be closed by then.

    Your map has you going down I-5 from Seattle to LA - you should either go down the coast road and/or go inland to see some parks.

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