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  1. Default From NY to LA 15 days

    Hi, we are 7 guys from Norway going on a roadtrip this summer. We have arranged to pick-up a a large RV from Cruise America the 3rd of July. We are going to rent it for 15 days and end up in LA to drop it off the 18th of July. This is all we have fixed so far. We would love to get some input of what route we should take and what to see along. We would like to spend the 4th of July in Washington DC and have a night in Las Vegas during this roadtrip.

    15 days, is it enough? we have 7 drivers so we can easily take a couple of intensive driving days.

    We would appreciate all suggestions/recommendations :)

    Arriving at NY 1st of July. Picking up RV 3rd of July in New Jersey. Returning the RV in Los Angeles the 18th and returning back home from LAX the 22th of July.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    2 weeks is enough time to get across the country - you need about a week to cover the miles from coast to coast - so you'll have a nice amount of time to do a little exploring.

    But the where else really has to come from you. There are millions of things you could do in the couple thousand mile gap between Washington and Las Vegas. Cities, National Parks, small towns, you name it - its all possible. It really is up to you and your friends to sit down together and figure out what it is that are the must sees for you. Get together with a good map, some books, and other research (including the many tools of this site) and list off a handful of things that you want to see and do most.

    Once you've got that, then others can be more help in offering additional tips and putting everything together.

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    Default Considerations.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you haven't booked the RV yet I would consider waiting to collect it until after your time in NY and Washington and you are ready to hit the road, these are not places for large vehicles and have good transport networks I believe.

    You may have 7 drivers but you also have 6 passengers ! I would limit your 'intensive days' to between 400 and 500 miles so that you have a little time out of the vehicle. Being strapped to a Diner bench is not comfortable for long periods of time and that's what those in the back will have to do. You should also check that the RV is equipped with 7 seatbelts because if it isn't, you won't all be able to travel in it.

    Would you have already spent time in NY prior to collecting the RV ? If not you won't have much time there if you are to get to Washington on the 4th. You may already know this, but you can not collect an RV on the same day as arriving on an International flight.

    You do have enough time to drive across the country, but you will have to pick and choose carefully from thousands of potential places you could visit based on your groups interests. Once you have a few dots on the map we can start helping with filling in the blanks. You will need about 6 days [+] dedicated to driving with appropriate rest breaks, so with just a day in NY,DC,Vegas and LA you 'only have 5 remaining. Remember a large vehicle is much slower going, especially when you venture of the main Highways.

    Have you considered flying from the east coast after NY and DC and starting your road trip from Vegas or LA ? It would give you a little more time to explore the City's without having to worry about the RV and also give you more time to get out to a few National Parks etc where the RV is at it's best.

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    Thank you :)

    Actually, I have made possible route. This is what I have come up with so far:

    As mentioned we have the RV for 15 days and must return it the 18th. Although we are not returning back home until 22th. of July. We are planning on picking up a Ford Mustang Convertible the same day we drop of the RV and have it for 4 days. If we choose the route as mentioned above we would drive to Las Vegas by the the convertible.

    We have already booked the RV. We are picking it up in New Jersey, and we are arriving in NY the 1st of July.So we are going be there 2 days and then pick up the RV the 3rd of July.

    We have dedicated 15 days to get from New Jersey to LA. We have 2 days prior to the pick up of the RV and 4 days after returning the RV in LA area.

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    How many convertibles are you planning to rent? The backseat isn't going to be comfortable for the average sized adult, and you could also have issues with luggage space. With 7 people, you need at least 3 if not 4 of them.

    For the sake of your budget, I think sticking with the RV for your entire trip would be the better bet. I might also consider heading south from Salt Lake City to Vegas (possibly via places like Zion NP or the Grand Canyon) and then head to SF via Yosemite. From there, you could head down the coast to LA.

    Keep in mind that 7 drivers will not allow you to drive unlimited distances, and some of your current legs will need to be broken up with stopovers. Having 7 people means your trip and your stops will all need more time, when the RV is moving, everyone needs to be buckled up, so real sleep doesn't happen, and even if you try, you're just going to end up with people on vastly different sleep schedules which will make it nearly impossible for the group to enjoy the trip.

    About 600 miles (1000km) is really the top end of what you should consider for a full day on the road, especially considering the size of your group and your vehicle.

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    Ok, I see. The distance have also worried me.

    Actually the group splits up in two after getting to LA th 18th. Three of us are going to pick up the Ford Mustang Convertible. I'm fully aware of the size limitation of the car, but I do think we will manage to get 3 persons comfortably in the car. The trunk fits two medium sized bags, and one bag can be placed on the empty seat I believe.

    Skipping San Francisco and adding Las Vegas ends up with route of 3722 miles. That's 248 miles per day in average.

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    Chicago to Rushmore would be at least 17/18 hours on the road and would be a 2 day trip to keep things reasonable. Google travel time estimates are over optimistic in a car as they do not consider real world delays such as traffic, construction works, bathroom, food or fuel stops and there will be a lot of them with an RV and 7 people to re-fuel.

    Your trip is doable and you can have a great time, just don't overdo it or things could get tense. ;-)

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    Hehe, that why I turned to you guys :)

    The fastest route between NJ - Washington DC - LA is 2873 mile and goes just above route 66. I have always imagined that following a route south is very hot during July and that it's better to drive through the northern states.

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    Actually, I-40 isn't all completely hot in the summer. (I-10 would be much hotter!) Oh, to be sure, some parts CAN be. But there's plenty to make up for it.

    Last year we traveled much of the length of I-40, from Arizona to Tennessee. If we'd have traveled it from Barstow CA to Flagstaff, we'd have run into some severe heat until we climbed into the mountains west of Flagstaff. The temperatures (July) ranged in the upper 80s to low 90s across AZ and NM, getting hotter into Texas and OK. Then we started to get rained on, which cooled the outside temperatures dramatically! It was a steamy 80s later, but better than steamy 90s or 100s!


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    Still pretty blank on what route to take. Have 3 weeks to figure it out.

    After starring at the map I've come up with a route that might be too long as well?

    New Jersey - Portland OR, - Los Angeles. 3807 miles (skipping las vegas and washington dc).

    Am I way off track?

    Or should I settle with I-80 New Jersey - Chichago - Los Angeles (2804 miles).

    Portland would seem like a perfect place to see for a beer-lover.

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