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    Default Buffalo to Savannah then to New York

    After a Week in Canada with Family we are planning to Hire a car around the 10th September at Buffalo International Airport and take an easy drive down to Savannah stopping over and taking in the sights then an easy drive back to New York doing the same then eventually flying out from JFK around the 29th September.
    We would much appreciate any advice on where is best to stop over and what to see.

    Thank You

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    Welcome to RTA!

    My best suggestion is to open up a USA road map or atlas and see what appeals to you. If you're a member of an auto club, you should be able to get a good map from them. If you get some points on a map, we can help you with further planning, but here at RTA we don't usually recommend "best" or "what to see". (One man's "find" is another man's "must pass by".) We also have a map center and lists of many attractions that can help you, as well. Once you know exactly what YOU must see, we can help you with routing and other suggestions.

    With 18 days, you'll have plenty of time for seeing things in a round trip - Buffalo to Savannah to NY is a 6 day round trip, so you've got 12 days to "play" with.


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    Default Two Tips

    My first tip is that you look at other places to rent your car besides the airport. While that is the first location that springs to mind it is usually not the cheapest, or even the best. If you are going to be with family in the Buffalo area, then take a look at what other locations the major rental car companies may have nearby. Most airports and communities have taken to placing large taxes and fees on the locations that operate from or near major airports as a way to raise revenue from 'others' meaning travelers. But those fees and taxes do not apply to local businesses, including local (non-airport) car rental firms. As an example, my wife will be doing a fly-drive trip next month where we're saving just over $100 by renting the car from a local franchise of a major car rental firm just 5 miles from the airport. Well worth the cab fare to pick it up - and we can return it at the airport for no extra charge.

    Secondly, I did a couple of sample itineraries for the east coast a while back that are still worth looking at to get some ideas for your own trip, although in the end Donna is absolutely right - you should get a good map and see what appeals to you.


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    Thanks Donna
    I guess you realised I am pretty new to the Forum


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    We were all new your header, it says "Posts...and a number. I saw "1" in yours. :-) I am on my first anniversary as a member here, as of today I believe. At that time, I was welcomed by several and now enjoy passing on the good wishes to other newbies.


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    Cheers AZBuck

    What I never mentioned is my Wife, Sister in Law and Brother in Law are retired and staying in Grimsby Canada so I assumed an Airport was the place to hire a car once we cross over to the USA but I will take your advice and try and find a car rental as near to the border as possible - Getting a good map sounds like a priority so I will get on that straight away and I appreciate your intineries - they will really help


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    I am waiting on my Map to be delivered but in the meantime I have looked at AZBuck. intineraries and what I think may be a route from Buffalo to Savannah is as follows;
    Buffalo to Williamsport - Approx. 200 miles
    Williamsport to Lexington - Approx. 320 miles
    Lexington to Roanoke - Approx. 54 miles
    Roanoke to Charlotte - Approx. 200 miles
    Charlotte to Columbia - Approx. 100 miles
    Columbia to Savannah - Approx. 160 miles

    We would like to cut accross to Gettyburg and see the Civil War sites etc and definately take in the Blue Ridge Parkway so I would appreciate if we could be advised the beast way to approach the start of this and is there accomodation in the surrounding area - We would not neccesarily stop over at the places above so we would appreciate any additional ideas

    As far as the return back up to New York we are keen to follow some of the locations shown within your link

    Thank You.....................Eric

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    If you go to Gettysburg, be sure and visit the new Visitor Center before going out to the Battlefield. The battlefield is much more interesting if you have a basic understanding of what took place over the three day period of the battle. Also at the Visitor Center, I believe you can rent a CD that serves to give you a narrated tour of the battlefield.

    I don't know if it's available in Scotland, but if it is, try to get the movie Gettysburg starring Martin Sheen. Although it is based on the historical novel The Killier Angels by Michael Shara, it is historically accurate. As I said, the more you know about the battle, the more you will enjoy your visit. What is so great about Gettysburg is that unlike many of the Civil War Battlefields, the land is pretty much the same as it was in 1863.

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    Gettysburg has a bunch of hotels and motels in the area, right outside the park. However, try to find out if there is going to be a reenactment or other large activity going on during your stay there. That will make the accommodations very difficult to come by right in Gettysburg -- you'd have to stay 30 miles away.

    At the north end of the Blue Ridge Parkway (southern end of Skyline Drive) is Staunton VA. There's plenty of accommodations there as well. Last summer we stayed at the EconoLodge in Staunton. The only bad thing I can say about it is that they gave us a room whose fridge didn't work, and they couldn't get a replacement in there for us nor did they have another room. Otherwise it was a decent place for the money.


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    Default Another slice of Americana?

    Hello Eric,

    If your Blue Ridge Parkway excursion were to take you south from Roanoke, VA, to Fancy Gap, VA, where the BRP crosses I-77 at the crest of the Blue Ridge, also hard by the VA-NC state line, and if you reach this point by mid- to late morning, you can take a short side-trip to Mount Airy, NC, the real boyhood home of Andy Griffith and the model for "Mount Pilot" on the 1960s television classic, "The Andy Griffith Show". In Mount Airy today, Floyd's Barber Shop and the Snappy Lunch are open for business, and a fully costumed deputy Barney Fife patrols in an authentic 1963 Ford Galaxy Mayberry Sheriff's Department cruiser with a long radio antenna, just like on the TV show.

    I mentioned arrival by late morning since Snappy Lunch does a brisk business daily, mostly catering to travelers eager to sample their signature pork chop sandwich (pronounced "sammich" in these here parts). Snappy Lunch prepares a fixed number of pork chop sammiches each day, and when they run out, they close up shop. The early bird indeed gets the worm.

    Further south, just on the north side of Charlotte, NC, lies Concord, where the great majority of NASCAR teams are headquartered. The larger operations all offer free tours of their engineering and fabrication facilities, and it's pretty interesting even if you don't fancy that type of motorsports.

    Enjoy planning and taking your Southern RoadTrip!


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