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    Default Round trip from Boston, MA

    Hi everyone,

    I've been reading this great forum for a while but I still have a lot of doubts, so I hope you could help me.

    We're a spanish couple landing in Boston on the 23rd of July. Our plan is to stay for 3 nights there and hire a car for 2 weeks, leaving the 26th and returning to Boston the 8th of August.

    It's not a problem if we can't go everywhere. We'd rather prefer visit less places calmly than being in a hurry for two weeks. We love the outdoors but are not very active. What we want is to enjoy the scenery, visit somoe cities and historical places, and walking/soft hiking in the mountains.

    The idea for the road trip is something like this:

    Cape Cod
    Connecticut Coast
    Washington DC (couple of days)
    Norfolk / Virginia Beach
    Blue Ridge Parkway
    Shenandoah NP / Skyline Drive
    Harpers Ferry
    Dutch Country in Lancaster County

    NYC is not a must because we've already been there.

    And my doubts are these:

    - Is the round trip realistic? Could be longer? Must be shorter?
    - Where to stay in Connecticut?
    - How many days spend between Asheville and Harpers Ferry? Where to stay?
    - After visiting the Dutch Country, go back straight to Boston or stop somewhere else?

    I hope you could help us. Thanks!

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Two weeks gives you plenty of time to get in a nice trip in this area. I'm not sure if you plan to take the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway or not - if you do, allow at the very least two days. The length of Skyline Drive can be traveled in 3-4 hours. I do think the Asheville leg may be a bit of a stretch.

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    Thank you! We'll reconsider the Asheville leg.

    Can anyone help me with the other questions?

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    Default Jim Thorpe, PA.

    If you are looking for somewhere to stay on the way back, within a day's drive of Boston, I can highly recommend Jim Thorpe in eastern PA. This lovely little hamlet tucked away in the mountains has a variety of attractions, but frankly, just walking through the old town is a delight and a photographer's dream.

    Venture out to the Jim Thorpe statue and park, on the outskirts of town. And then there is Hickory Park and Boulder Fields. It is one of those quaint little towns that tends not to get its name onto many tourist brochures. But well worth a stop.


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