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  1. Default New York City to Stillwater Oklahoma

    I am planning to spend 3 nights in Washington DC, then 3 nights in NYC , then to go from NYC to Hershey Pennsylvanya, Pittisburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, saint Louis, Memphis, Little Rock, Tulsa, and finally Stillwater, OK, where my children are studying at OSU.
    Group: my family (6 people).The youngest is 11 year old,
    Time available: 7-12 days (One way trip),
    Car would be rented (most probably mini van),

    I am new to this very informative and friendly forum. Your advices are highly valued.

    1. does this route look good or can be modified? The purpose is mainly for general sightseeing and outdoors (I am open to any suggestions.)
    2. Any suggestions on specific attractions to see during this trip?
    3. Until now I am not sure in which city or town to stay each night during the trip. Any recommendations?
    4. Do you think I need to keep the rented car during my stay in NYC?

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    Welcome aboard RTA!

    First, I'm curious: what is in Cincinnati that you wish to do? The reason I ask, it's less mileage to go from Columbus OH to Indianapolis, merely by staying on I-70.

    Second -- a car is a PROBLEM in NYC. Most hotels either don't have the proper parking and make you find some place else, or they do have some and charge through the nose for it. Parking in NYC is expensive: $50 a day is about the cheapest we saw, and that lot was full. The reason is real estate. In Washington DC, it's a problem too. You are better off using the Metro in DC, taking a train or bus to NYC where you use public transportation, and rent your minivan or whatever when you leave NYC.


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    Although you don't ask, a car in D. C. is just about as worthless as it is in NYC. D. C is a difficult town to get around because there is really no street grid and the streets seem to run every which way. Parking is a problem also. It can get very expensive. The public transportation system is very good.

    Have A Great Trip!!

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    Default city-centric

    There's nothing wrong with the route you've listed, except that it is a bit ziz-zagged seems to be focused exclusively on cities. That's only a problem because you said that the outdoors are one of your top priorities.

    With that in mind, I think I would look at a route that takes you down the Appalachians. You could head to Shenandoah National Park, down the Blue Ridge Parkway to Smokey Mountains NP. From there you could head west through Nashville, Memphis, and Arkansas.

    That's not to say you can't find good things in the outdoors of your first route, but just pointing out that you don't have to spend a lot of time in major cities to have a good trip.

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    Thank you all for your advices. My main purpose is to let my children see different cities and different parts of the country.
    Although it will cost me a lot for family of 6, but Ithink it is worth it. I have to do some solid planning regarding the rout, the attractions and the lodging.
    I would appreciate any extra advices!

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    Could you clarify you time frame some? When you say 7 -12 days do you mean from New York City to Stillwater?

    A car in New York City is worthless - you'd spend a fortune and waste a lot of time just finding a place to park it.

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    A solution to the parking problem in NYC and Washington DC: Stay in a hotel outside of the city -- for instance, in NJ (Paramus, Secaucus, etc) and take the bus in. Cheaper than paying for parking! In DC, stay in VA someplace and use the Metro, which is also a lot cheaper than paying for parking. Worse yet is trying to FIND parking in either city!

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