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  1. Default San Francisco to New York and back again

    Hey Guys,

    Am looking at doing a road trip from San Francisco to New York by driving pretty much through the middle. Not sure of what's good to see, although Yellowstone Park appeals to me, so ideas welcome. Then will be driving from New York back to San Francisco and would like to do this via New Orleans and Las Vegas.

    Have around 6 weeks to do the trip.

    Budget is around US$10,0000 and not too fussy on where we are staying on the way. Will have a few others with me and from my research it's looking like costing around US$2500 for the car and then another US$2500 for fuel so that leaves me with about US$5000 for accomodation and socialising.

    I guess what I'd loke to know is what's good to see as this is my first trip to the US.

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    Default books upon books

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The reality is that with the amount of time you've got, and a plan to loop around the country, there are literally millions upon millions of things that are "good to see." Thousands of books have been written on the topic of traveling in the US, so its really just not possible to give you a good answer on a forum like this, until you've got more of an outline and plan for what you want.

    If Yellowstone looks interesting, I'd certainly consider the many other National Parks, all of which are worthy of your time. I would also recommend you pick up several books and start reading - here are some ones recommended by RTA Editors and Contributors. And of course, spend some more time exploring this site - both the forum and the articles.

    Your trip is very doable, but you need to start with what you want. Once you've got a better idea of what you would like to do, then we'll be in a better position to help you fill in the gaps and put it all together.

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