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    Default Roadtrip from Chicago to Houston


    We were interested in a pair and get suggestions on track trip from Chicago to Houston.
    We are mobile by car and we have to spend 10 days trip. We must end the tour in Houston (family).
    We welcome offers trails along the way. Routes may include: national parks, attractions, hiking, car trips and other places of interest.

    We begin in Chicago around the 24th of September (tentative).

    Thank you!

    Lior Marom

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    You've picked an interesting road trip. There are lots of things to do between the two cities; however, National Parks would not be one of them unless you go a little out of your way.

    Our recommendation is usually to get a good road map of the USA or a Rand McNally atlas, lay it in front of you, and see what points of interest strike you. For instance, the first thing that jumped out at me when I looked at my atlas for your trip was "The Great River Road", following the Mississippi River from any point along the IL/MO border. Mostly it's US-61. In Memphis, if you're a music fan (particularly Elvis Presley) you'll find much of interest. If you don't mind going out of your way, and the River Road is not of interest, you could go over to Mammoth Cave -- the only National Park to make it into your route without going hundreds and hundreds of miles out of your way.


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    Default Lot's of options.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As Donna suggested, getting some dots on the map of places that will appeal to you is a good start and then the route will start to unfold. With 10 days to cover a trip that could be completed in 2 long days certainly leaves you time to go out of your way. How much travelling you want to do is up to you and what suits your travel style. You could head to the east and along the Appalachians and Shenandoah NP and Great Smokey mountains as 2 examples and perhaps through Memphis or down to New Orleans. Of course you could head west, possibly as far as the Colorado Rockies. Both would double your mileage and would mean having to drive 200 miles each day, or a day of travelling with 'light' sight seeing and every other day exploring an area.

    Once you have decided on a couple of spots and how far you want to travel we can help fill in the blanks.

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