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    Default Roadtrip from Georgia to Las Vegas

    I'm planning a road trip from Macon Georgia to Las Vegas,NV in July with my husband and two boys (ages 13 and 11). This will be our first road trip and I'm a little unsure of this. I wanted to know of things that we could do along the way and what would be a good amount of time to spend on this trip. We originally planned to stay approximately3, 4 or 5 days in vegas. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    You don't say how long you've allocated for the drive to Las Vegas, or back, or the length of the trip overall, and those are probably much more important to the overall success of this venture than how long you spend in Las Vegas. On a trip of this magnitude, you're going to be spending far more time on the road than at your destination, a minimum of four days each way, and so you should think of it in those terms, as primarily a RoadTrip with a brief time out in the middle.

    The shortest way between Macon and Las Vegas is to use I-40 most of the way, connecting between Memphis and Macon via US-78, I-10, and I-75. Precisely because it is the shorter route, I'd suggest using that route on your way home, while taking a slightly longer route out, say by heading for Meridian MS and using I-20/I-10 to Phoenix and then US-93 up to Las Vegas. That 'southern' route adds only a few hours to the drive, but by using two different routes out and back you get to see a lot more of the country and you will always be on 'new' road.

    The major attractions (assuming you have the time to see them, are easy enough to name on either route, Vicksburg Military Park, the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, maybe Carlsbad Cavern and/or Tombstone on the way out; the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Petroglyph National Monument, Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, the Oklahoma City Memorial, and Mud Island in Memphis on the way back. But the best planning tools you've got are ages 11 and 13. Give them a good atlas of the US with your general route(s) marked and let them look for things that appeal to them that are on the way.


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    We planned on making this trip 10 days in July with doing 10 hour days of driving. We want to map out what stops we will make to adjust our trip as needed before leaving. That's a good idea to let the kids pick things out and see what appeals to them (didn't think of that). Is 10 days a bit aggresive?

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    As Buck mentioned, its a solid 4 days each way, and even that is doing about 10 hours a day with time for just a few limited stops each day. So, if you want to be spending 3 or more days in Vegas, then yes, trying to do this in 10 days would be aggressive.

    Frankly, I don't know if it would be worth it with that little time available. Admittedly, Vegas isn't a great place for a family vacation (certainly, its worth a stop, but the things teens can do are quite limited), but there is a ton of things worth seeing, doing, and exploring in the general area. Perhaps a fly and drive trip might be more rewarding with the time you've got?

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    If Las Vegas is not the focus of your trip, then another option is not driving as far west and having more time outside the car. With my family although we had places that everyone wanted to go, the kids make some choices or selections.

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