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    Leaving Ft. Lauderdale June 3, need to arrive Orange County on or around June 9 for a summer travel nurse asignment. Would like to camp my way there and see cool things. Suggestions??? I have not done much research, but is any part of Route 66 an option? Thank you!

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    Via fastest route (I-10 all the way) this is a 5 day trip, so you have 1 day to play with. Route 66 doesn't exist any more (it's pretty much been replaced by I-55/I-44/I-40) but you can follow about half the path without going too far out of your way. Off of I-10, take US-231 through Dothan to Montgomery, I-65 to Birmingham, then US-78 (I-22) to Memphis. Then you can take I-40 to I-15. All the way from OKC to I-15 there are old Route 66 towns, and you can drive a significantly long portion of the old road from Seligman to Kingman AZ.

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    Just the drive from Fort Lauderdale to the OC would take a full five days under normal conditions. Camping will take a bit longer, given that you'll have to set up and take down, and that it would be a great help if you were in camp before nightfall. But, be that as it may, you do have around a day to 'play' with and spreading that out among a few venues (including any detours) will certainly help make your journey more enjoyable. First, you should probably figure out a schedule before departure and try to keep to it. Knowing where you should be at the end of each day will help relieve the overall stress and let you keep up the goodly pace you'll need to adhere to. Since the 'big' things you want to see are towards the western end of your trip, your first few days should be about laying down some miles, say an average of 550 a day. You can do that while still taking interesting and refreshing breaks several times a day to keep you at your best. Then when you get to the Southwest, you can start spending that 'extra' day. I'd suggest that you look at leaving I-10 early and do a couple of slants up to I-20 (from Mobile AL to Jackson MS via US-98 and US-49) and then up to I-40 (from Dallas to Amarillo via US-287). That actually doesn't cost you too much in driving time, and puts you in position to see places like Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo, Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, Petrified Forest National Park, the Grand Canyon and the longest remaining stretch of old US-66 from Seligman to Kingman through Peach Springs. At the end of I-40 you simply connect with I-15 down into the L,A. Basin.


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    WOW. You guys are good! Thank you so much!!!

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