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    Default August 2012, So. Cal to WA

    My husband and I are trying to plan a road-trip to ultimately visit family in both Oregon and Washington this summer. I used to road trip a lot with my family when young, but he has never experienced it; so we are novices at best. We are trying to do it on a somewhat tight budget and are definitely not opposed to camping or sleeping in the car if necessary. Total trip time available is 10 days, from August 16 PM to August 26.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on car rental (what type- we looked into costco which has pretty good deals), must-see places/landmarks, or to-die-for dines along the way? Only stipulation is that if we are going to sleep in the car, that the car be as comfortable as possible. My husband has a very bad back, so hopefully we can find a vehicle that will allow us to fold down the seats or take out the backseats completely since there are only two of us, and possibly put in an aero-bed or a memory foam topper to make it more comfortable.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome, as i said, we are pretty much novices and can use all the help we can get:) We are also AAAplus members, not sure if this helps?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If your husband has a bad back, then I would completely rule out sleeping in the car. Frankly, there aren't a lot of cars where you can sleep 2 comfortably anyway - you'd have to get an SUV even to have a shot, and then wouldn't really have any place for your stuff while you sleep. SUV rentals typically cost quite a bit more than a sedan, so that would cut into your savings. On top of that, if you're renting, you won't know what model of car you are getting until after you pick it up, so you can't even really know how to plan to make it comfortable. But honestly, even in the best case, its going to be tough to get comfortable, and that would be a very big gamble for someone with a bad back.

    Just sitting for long hours in the car alone isn't real great for the back, so I'd make sure you can be completely comfortable when you lay down for the night. That could mean camping in a tent with a good air mattress, but this isn't an area where I would cut corners, as not sleeping and having a bad back will make it very tough to have a fun trip.

    Must sees are really up to you and what you are interested in. Certainly, you could follow the coast for the entire trip, or you could focus on more inland things like Yosemite, Crater Lake, and Mt. St. Helens, to name a few places. It will also depend upon where in OR and WA you are going, and how much time you plan to spend with your family.

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    Do you own a car? If so, why aren't you going to drive it? If you are on a tight budget, that would be a big savings right there.

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