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  1. Default 14 days- LA, Vegas, Bryce, Zion, Lake Powell, Monument, Grand Canyon, Back to LA.

    My wife and I are planning our 1st American road trip in October this year, just wanted to run our plans last the experts on this forum and see if we are missing anything, or planning too much- the plan is as follows.

    8th Oct- Land in LAX, drive up to Vegas.
    8,9,10 Oct- Stay in Vegas with a trip out on one day to Death Valley.
    11th Oct- Drive from Vegas(early start) to Bryce canyon via Zion, aiming to spend time in Zion to arrive in Bryce late on, stay the night in Bryce.
    12th Oct- Explore Bryce in the morning then drive to Lake Powell in the afternoon.
    Stay 2 nights in Lake Powell.
    15th Oct- Drive from Lake Powell to Monument Valley, stay the night in Monument.
    16th Oct- Drive from Monument to Grand Canyon South Rim- Stay 2 nights there.
    18th Oct- Drive from Grand Canyon to a hotel south of Vegas-1 night there.
    19th Oct- Vegas back to LA. Last 2 nights in LA.
    How do the distances/ times in each place sound? Not enough time anywhere, too much time anywhere. Have we missed anything?

    I am also looking at a Hertz Rental of a V8 Camero, is this a sill idea??

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You plan looks pretty good, except for a couple of things.

    First, if you're coming in on an international flight, I would strongly recommend that you not try to drive to Vegas the day you land. Odds are, you'll have already have been traveling for many many hours, and trying to make that kind of drive when you are tired and jetlagged isn't smart.

    The better bet would be just to head right for a hotel in LA, rest up for a night and get ready to hit the road. If you are planning to visit Death Valley, it would make sense to head straight there on your way to Vegas, rather than going to Vegas first and then heading back west for a daytrip to DV.

    Similarly, when you're heading back to LA, your best bet would be to stay on I-40 and really not go anywhere near Vegas (although perhaps this is what you mean when you say "south of Vegas"). You actually could drive directly from GC to LA in one long day on the road too.

    I'm assuming that the Camero is part of Hertz's specialty collections. It would be a fun car for the trip, although, I suspect you'll pay dearly for it.

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    The flights we are looking at would see us land in LA at about lunchtime, so we thought an easy drive up to LV would be ok.
    We had thought about going straight to DV, but like the idea of being in the same hotel for the 1st few nights just to settle a little, but the direct drive to DV is still an option.
    Same with the return, we may just do the Canyon to LA in one run and not stay over.
    As for the Camero, yes it'll cost a little more, but what better way to do a USA road trip than in a V8 muscle car!!!!!

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    You didn't say where you are starting from, but if its from anywhere overseas, when you are landing at "lunchtime" you will have already been traveling for a very long time.

    For example, if you're starting from the UK, you will have already been traveling for well over 12 hours, once you factor in time for getting to the airport, through security, and the flight itself. Factor in another at least another hour or two to get through Customs, baggage claim, and get your car, and that's more than a full day before you've even got on the road. Then, you'll be getting on the road trying to get out of town in LA's infamously bad traffic (there is no easy drive leaving LAX), as the afternoon rush is starting up, when your body thinks its about 10pm. While it might still be daylight when you get to Vegas, you will have been up for nearly 24 hours by that point, when your brain thinks it should be about 3am.

    That's why we strongly recommend you don't try a drive like that after an international flight. If you insist on getting to Vegas the first day, then find one of the many connecting internal flights or a bus where you wouldn't be responsible for trying to drive when your body is under severe stress.

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    Point taken, I'll look at our 1st afternoon/night and see about a rearranging!!

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