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    I'm planning on doing a loop through New Orleans- Orlando-Charleston- Atlanta. This will be during November/December and we will have just under 6 weeks to do this. Anyhow I have been looking at flights and I can get a direct flight from Sydney, Australia to Dallas and am considering doing this instead of getting an internal flight in the US that would take me right through to either New Orleans, Atlanta or Orlando. It would mean more driving though and I am wondering if there is much to see between Dallas and New Orleans and what would be a good route to take.

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    In my opinion, with 6 weeks you could add Dallas. The route would depend on your sightseeing interests. Also check on rental cars before booking flights because the general advice is to consider the combined cost of airfare and car rental for planning a loop trip. In addition, check on the maximum car rental period since some people have reported 28 day limits.

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    Natchitoches, Lousiana is a great little town. If you're familiar with the movie Steel Magnolias, that's where it was filmed. In fact there is a great B & B in the house in which the filming was done.

    Lousiana Cajun Country around Lafayette, St. Martinsville, New Iberia and Morgan City is a fun and interesting place to visit. This might give you some ideas: Lousiana Cajun & Plantation Country
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    I am also looking into the flying into Dallas option and I think it would be perfect for the trip that you are planning so go for it. I would spend a couple of nights in Fort Worth before you head off on your road trip, do some research on it, sounds like a great place for a couple of nights to get your bearings. One thing I found about America last time I was there is that driving is very easy, you seem to be able to get between states in no time.. Sounds like a fun trip.

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