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    I live in Charelston SC and for my 50th B-day I want to take a road trip catching as many sites in North America as possible in two - three months. I have some specifics but other than these I am wide open:
    Blue Ridge Parkway
    Florida Keys
    Grand Canyon
    Four Corners
    Yellow Stone
    Yosemity (spelling)
    Old Faithfull
    Mt. Rushmore
    Like I said I'm intrested in seeing as much as possible. I have a 30ft travel trailor and need 12 ft of overhead clearance. I am towing with a 2010 Toyota Tundra and so far have not found many challenges to pulling with it. I am not looking to do a lot of hwy driving the less the better. Any good trip planners out there? I am retired military and can stay on any base as well. Any help would be great this is my first shot at something this far or long. SC to NY to FL back to SC 90% HWYs is my longest trip.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    It sounds like you've got a fabulous idea for a great trip.

    Having said that, I'm not really sure what you are looking for in terms of help? What do you mean when you ask if there are "any good trip planners out there?"

    Obviously, you've listed off some of the best known sites in the entire country, and with the amount of time you've got available, practically anything and everything is within your reach. Clearly, you are interested in National Parks, so spending a little more time looking at the national parks website and looking at the many more options you have in that regard. You might also find the RTA Map Center to be helpful, as it has hundreds more ideas of places big and small you might find interesting.

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    One thing to note: Skyline Drive, north of Blue Ridge Parkway, has a tunnel that is 12'8". Measure your trailer's height including any satellite dishes/TV antennas/roof vent/MaxxAir covers. You don't want to damage your equipment and ruin an otherwise delightful trip!

    Like Michael, I'm not sure what kind of help you need with trip planning. But here's what I do when we start: I take out a map and plot where we want to go, and a route will start to form from there. Then, knowing the time we have for the trip, we see what's feasible. Well, with your 2-3 months, that plan above is feasible! So then comes the nitty gritty: deciding how far to drive each day. When we were towing, my husband had a self-imposed limit of 450 miles a day (non-towing, he'll go 600-625, but bear in mind he is an ex-long-distance trucker). So there I figure out approximately where we are going to stop, keeping in mind the availability of RV parks or campgrounds. (We were not the type to camp out in a truck stop or Wal-Mart parking lot, though I know many who do.) Once I plot out how long it takes to get someplace, we then decide how long to stay there.


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