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  1. Default Million Mile Road Trip

    I am planning to make a million mile road trip. I have estimated that it would cost about $2 millions and it would take about 5- 6 years. There are lot of problems before I can take my trip. I need to sell lot of ad space from my car so I can afford this trip. When planning route I need to figure out which visa's I need. I need to take care of my healt, take some medicine and some incurances and there are lot of problems what I haven't even think about yet.

    Have you done extremely long road trip? What problems did you have on the trip?`What problems do you think that I most likely will have on the trip?

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    The closest thing to what you are talking about that I can remember on this forum was Craig's Around the World trip.

    Of course, that's still nothing close to the uber-grandiose idea you're thinking about.

    And I think you are right that the number of complications is going to be huge. How are you planning to finance this? You might be able to sell some ad space, but that's easier said than done, and even if it works would still only get you a tiny amount of money compared to what you think you'll need.

    What are you going to do for transportation? There are some big issues with trying to use one car across multiple continents.

    And that doesn't even get into the other complications, like visa and that sort of thing you've mentioned.

    It will be great if you can get it all to happen, but I'm thinking you're looking at years upon years of research and work with professionals in the travel field to even start getting something like this off the ground. It doesn't hurt to ask questions, especially if you have specific ones, on a forum like this, but I think you're going to need lots of help that's far beyond what you can get on any internet forum.

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    Default A must have book for your planning!

    There is a book, "You Want To Go Where?: How to Get Someone to Pay for the Trip of Your Dreams," by Jeff Blumenfeld that was written specifically to address such quests. I know and respect the author and you'd be well served to get his book and incorporate his ideas in your planning now.

    Here is my review of the book.


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    Thank you so much! That books sounds awesome! Currently my biggest problem is money. I study computer science and I am trying to make a break through internet site about my trip, but it just haven't kicked in yet. I am trying to study how I would get more visitors, so people would know about my plan and hopefully some companies would buy ad space. I hope that after reading that book I know more about tricks I should do so companies would pay my trip. It is still very hard, because the amount of money I need.
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    Default Massive undertaking !

    Whats the criteria fro the trip ? Technically you could drive a million miles without ever leaving the lower 48 ! Are you thinking Canada and south America or shipping to Europe and other Continents ? If you are thinking of making a million mile drive [not including shipping/flying]it's gonna take longer than 5-6 years me thinks ! Just a quick calculation for 5 years, would mean having to drive almost 550 miles per day, equal to 9-10 hours every day for those 5 years. A million miles behind the wheel I would imagine to take at least 8 years, maybe ten !

    If you could get a major car manufacturer who are convinced they have a vehicle that could cover a million miles and you could convince them, it would be worth proving it and get them on board, you might have a sponsor and vehicle. Other than that I really do think you could struggle to raise funds, in what most people would view as them paying for your dream trip. There just seems to be so many 'celebrities' taking on different challenges/trips for companies and TV these days, unless you are one [?] it will be hard to convince anyone as to why they should gamble on you.

    Clocking up a million miles in one trip is a massive undertaking and funding plus all the other hurdles won't be easy to overcome, but I wish you well !

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    I live in Europe, so first I just drive here. I have thought that I will drive in Europe, North Africa, America, Kanada, visit Mexico, Australia and Japan. I am not sure if it is wise to drive in Russia, South America or south Africa. Those places sounds dangerous and if I have troubles with car in there, can I get it fixed. Technically I could drive million miles in my home town, but that wouldn't be interesting and I also asked Guinnes world record what it takes to make new record about road tripping. There are rule that I can't drive same road all the time. I just thought that maybe this trip would sound more interesting to advertisers if I would make Guinnes world record at same time. Currently record is 665,712 km (413,653 miles).

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    Default Some more resources for you

    I have another book suggestion for you. There is a culture for the long-distance adventurer roadtrippers. Garry Sowerby, holder of four world driving records and author of Sowerby's Road has been pushing the envelope of road trip adventure for the last twenty-five years. Garry is our go-to-guy for resources and suggestions for taking road trips in the Nova Scotia and Maritimes provinces and for over-the-top road trips in distant lands.

    You'd probably enjoy this tale...

    Here are his contacts... He would be a very good consultant for you...
    E-mail address

    I would also suggest that you pick up, or subscribe to "Overland Journal" -- the editors and writers are often engaged in pursuits like you're endeavoring to create.


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    Thank you for great resource ideas, those links really had some good stuff. I still have a problem to get enough publicity to this trip so advertisers would be interested. I am getting slowly more and more fans on facebook, but it is really slowly (currently there are 659 fans). I am planning to make a press release after there are 1000+ fans and just hope that some media would get interested.

    Anyway currently I am planning the route for the trip, so there would be more information for media than just a "some guy is planning a million mile road trip". I just wonder what would be easiest way to plan a trip? Google maps is great, except that it doesn't support this long road trips. Communitywalk is another site which is great, I can make a very long route with it, but route doesn't follow roads. It just goes straight to one point to another. So if there is ten curves between two points I have to mark ten points to that route instead of beginning and endpoint, like I can do in google maps. Is there any site that would allow to plan long route and it would follow roads? How you plan your road trips?

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    Default Have you tried: RTA Custom Maps?

    The RTA Custom Maps program was created for this purpose, although it too is limited to eight waypoints + beginning and ending. So you could use it to make a bunch of legs of your trip. Here is a thread that discusses how other RTA members have used it to create road trip planning maps.


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    Have any one been road tripping on Africa? I just wonder is there any hope that I can road trip there? How about Australia? USA is easy part of planning, because there is so much information about it. Europe is also pretty easy, because I live there. China and Russia I can check out on Long way Around documentary, if I remember correctly those might be areas where I can't go. How about Mexico, is that just a place where normal road tripper can go and visit quickly, but not really road trip all around? Am I right if I assume that South America is a place where you need a 4x4 vehicle?

    I have tried lately to get more visitors to my site but it is quite hard. Amount of visitors is anyway slowly upraising. So maybe someday I get enough visitors so media would get interested. I have tried to reach media, but no one wanted to make a story yet :( I use google map for planning, mostly because its free and it is quite good. It takes lot of time to plan 1,000,000 mile road trip, but I didn't even assume that it would be fast and easy.
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