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  1. Default Help: Road Trip San Francisco to Las Vegas in 2-3 days in June

    Hello All,

    I am surely raising a question that has been asked and answered many times here. I tried finding the ideal thread for me but unfortunately was not able to do that. Therefore, I am asking for help on a road trip from SF to LV in June.

    We are 4 guys from Germany/UK who will arrive in SF on a Thursday (14 June) and will leave SF by car on Friday. Our idea was to arrive in Vegas on Saturday, thus having 1.5 days for the trip. Now that I have checked various maps and forums, it seems quite a shame to leave out Yosemite and Death Valley, thus I am thinking maybe we should prolong the road trip for 1 extra day (thus 2.5 days max). Not sure if this is possible though.

    It would really be great if someone could provide advice on both options (1.5 days and 2.5 days). We'd like to have some nice scenery impressions on the road and we'd like to stay 1 night in a nice little town or motel with bar on the road - this would be the 1.5 day trip. If we make an extra day, we'd like to include some activity - possibly in Yosemite.

    Not sure if any of the above ideas is realistic and would greatly appreciate any feedback or links.

    Thanks & best

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    Default Got to make it worthwhile.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Simply put, 2.5 days would be much more beneficial than 1.5 days and would give you time to do a little sight seeing aong this amazing drive. Even with 2.5 days you will be a little rushed to do both parks justice and is the minimum I would recommend. You don't say how long you are planning on staying in Vegas for, but you really are not giving yourself any time to enjoy San Fran either, which is a wonderful City. If you arrive on an International flight on Thursday, have to adjust your body clocks and get rested and be in Vegas by Saturday, it kind of begs the question, why not fly straight into Vegas ?

    I would certainly opt for the SF >Yosemite>Death valley trip, but you need to have enough time to make it worthwhile.

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    This is a very similar trip to what we'll be doing, coming from Austraila and planning to leave SF on 13-June, but have left 2 nights/3 days for the trip. Guess there is going to be a few people on those roads during this time!

    I hadn't spotted this thread earlier, i may not have posted my own if i had.

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    I hadn't spotted this thread earlier, i may not have posted my own if i had.
    You did the right thing - nobody's trip will be exactly the same as someone else's and we do prefer to advise people in their own dedicated thread.

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    Thanks a lot and of course you are right that we should enjoy San Fran more. I left that out but at the end we'll fly from Las Vegas to San Francisco and stay there a couple of more nights. With your advice we'll surely make the drive fro 2.5 days. Unfortunately we don't have more time, because 2 people definitly want to stay in Vegas for 2 nights - they have never been so I guess I'll have to live with that.

    If we make the trip in 2.5 days, can you advice on a route? Maybe you did but I am not exactly sure how to use this forum so I have not found anything.

    Thanks & very best

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    Default Like so.

    With 2.5 days, I would leave SF reasonably early and head direct to Yosemite for the night. That would be I80/580/205/5 to CA120 through Manteca and Groveland. Explore parts of Yosemite and then some more next morning before heading over Tioga Pass [CA120] to Mono Lake and 395. Head South and look to stop anywhere between Bishop and Lone Pine [depending on how early you want to get to Vegas] and then take 190 across Death Valley to Death Valley junction. You then take the 'Locals route' to Pahrump on State Line/ Bell Vista Rd and 160 into Vegas.

    Wonderful drive !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southwest Dave View Post
    I would leave SF reasonably early and head direct to Yosemite

    Good advice to leave early. I'm not sure what time Dave recommends but my sons have made trips from SF Bay area to Sierras, including Yosemite, on a Friday and I'd say leave before or after the morning traffic. Definitely by noon. If you want to spend a night in Yosemite Valley, then it's best to start looking at options and trying to pick up cancellations.

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    Thanks a lot everybody! Greatly appreciate your help and advice!

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