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    HELP!!!! We love to see those sights that only the locals know about!! The great things that make small towns great! We are traveling from Ohio to Virginia beach. In addition we like to stop along the way to see out of the such as cool bridges, landmarks, historic towns, lighthouses and more! Any Ideas??

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    Where are you leaving from in Ohio? It dramatically affects what's "on the way."

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    Cleveland Area heading down through Pittsburgh, Hagerstown, Washington into Virginia... Interstate 70, I-270, 495

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    Default What the locals know.

    Hi, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by sturgeon6pack View Post
    HELP!!!! We love to see those sights that only the locals know about!!
    Those are the things you ask the locals when you get there. They're not really planable. Once they are in travel guides or on the internet, they will no longer be exactly what you are looking for.

    What I do when I get to a place which looks interesting to check out, is ask. First at the Visitor Information Centre. Then at the checkout at the supermarket - always buy something. Fill up the car and ask the attendant. Have a cuppa or meal in a local cafe or restaurant, and ask the folk there. Ask them what their favourite local attraction is.

    True, all this takes time, and you will get different responses. But chances are you will stumble upon some gems which the locals treasure.


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    Default Getting Local

    The only way to get to enjoy local sights, is to get off the roads which were built specifically to bypass all the local sights and get onto the local roads. There are several places on your route where such local (US and State) roads are better than the Interstates for just this reason. Some examples:

    Between Pittsburgh and Hancock MD, most mapping software will send you on the PA Turnpike and I-70, but if you head south from New Stanton on US-119 to Uniontown instead and then take US-40, you'll be on the old National Road and will drive directly by Colonel Washington's first military command. You will also pass by a (under construction) full-sized replica of Noah's Ark in Frostburg MD. By the way. stay on 'Historic' (and scenic) US-40 instead of I-68. Another 'local' attraction is just off I-70 west of Hagerstown MD, Fort Frederick. While there, you can also take a walk along the Potomac.

    Getting around Washington is another spot where the standard directions would put you on some traffic-clogged Interstates (I-270/I-495/I-95) when there are attractive 'local' options. At Frederick MD get on MD-85/MD-28 south to MD-107 and cross the Potomac on the last remaining ferry across the river, then pick up US-15 south. Swing wide around Washington, but stop at Manassas National Battlefield Park after which VA-234 will get you back to I-95 south.

    Finally, rather than staying on I-95/I-64 through Richmond to Virginia Beach, take US-17 instead. This basically follows the Rappahannock River and crosses over to the historic peninsula between the York and James Rivers directly into the Yorktown portion of the Colonial National Historical Park.

    Really, finding 'local' attractions is that simple. Just get local.


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    If "cool bridges" include old ones, there's a big, old, historic covered bridge just a bit north of Hagerstown. It's called Martin's Mill Covered Bridge. Hagerstown has a pretty city park. Antietam and Gettysburg (a bit out of the way, but maybe worth it to you) battlefields are both nice to visit, both for the history and for enjoying nature. Fredericksburg and Alexandria VA are good places for seeing historic buildings and some historic sites.

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    Another way to find things that aren't as well known is to actually READ a AAA Tour Book for a given state in a given area. One time I sat in my Sis-IL's home in central Missouri and read parts of the MO Tour Book aloud. Her responses? "Oh, I didn't know about that!" or "I forgot about that!" or "The kids took a field trip there in 3rd grade".


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