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    Go easy on me!

    I am planning a 21 flyay drive next summer (late July - to mid August)

    I thought I could handle the route but have been blown away by so many things to think about.


    We are a famliy of 5 with three lads (20, 18 and 14). My wife and I did a couple of fly drives before the boys came along but we generally found we had planned too much driving and too many overnight stops. Since the boys came along we have travelled to Florida many times. This is way different!

    We are not into Museums and just want to take in the scenery and the driving expereince ncluding some White Water rafting and Horseback riding.

    The Route

    I have a route in mind travelling from Las Vegas through Death Valley, Yosemite, SF then down to LA and back out again. I am taking it a step at a time and right now I need some guidance on the first stages.

    Happy with knowing what to do about Vegas and also the trip to Death Valley.

    Need some advice on the stage between Death Vally and possibly Lone Pine and then Mammoth Lakes.

    Is Lone Pine worth an overnight stop? What is there to see and do on route there and also whilst there?

    Same question about Mammoth Lakes? what we would ideally like is to stay in some log cabins and then do some sightseeing to capture Mammoth lakes and lake Mary?

    Finally is it worth doing the regular sights of Yosemite whilst staying at Curry Village or just driving through and seeing it and then hanging out somewhere like Mariposa where we can do some WW rafting?

    If I am being daft do say. I want to do as much research as I can.

    Once I get happy on a certain stage i will move on to later stages.



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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Everyone has a different style and pace when road tripping and that's the beauty of it, doing your own thing ! I can certainly understand planning a stage at a time, but where you do and don't stop, could be influenced by how much time you want to spend elsewhere, Vegas, San Fran and LA for example. If you are planning on spending a night in Death Valley then you could certainly continue to either Bishop or Mammoth Lakes next night, or you could drive across Death Valley and spend the night in Lone Pine and then Mammoth Lakes.

    You will certainly have a nice relaxed pace with 21 days to spare and in fact time to do more, again depending on your own personal style. From LA you could head inland to the Grand Canyon NP before heading back to Vegas. Heading back to Vegas you could easily include another loop, that would have you go from the GC through Page AZ to Zion NP in southern Utah, which in turn could include Monument Valley and Bryce canyon.

    I personally would get the main parts of the trip sorted and then fill in the gaps with the finer details, but as they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Keep searching the forums and planning pages above and just keep asking questions as you go. [All in this thread] Here are some of favourite threads covering the area to help get you started.

    As for Yosemite, it's one of my favourite places on earth and for me it would be daft to drive through it. I would plan on at least 2 nights in Yosemite with at least a day and a half for sight seeing, it's awesome !

    Enjoy the planning, is a big part of the adventure !

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    Thanks SWD

    Ok lets drill down a level deeper.

    We are OK from LV to DV. We will enjoy the scenery of DV and the route and take our time and get to somewhere like Furnace Creek for the sleepover.

    The next day we will go to Lone Pine.

    Question can we get a good day out of the drive by stopping off at places on interest and/or to admire the scenery or should we press on to the hotel at LP check-in and then get in the car and do a mini-tour of the area? This is the sort insights I need.



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    Default One possible strategy

    Quote Originally Posted by UK Seagull View Post
    Question can we get a good day out of the drive by stopping off at places on interest and/or to admire the scenery or should we press on to the hotel at LP check-in and then get in the car and do a mini-tour of the area?
    Since this is a family road trip, the best strategy would be to meander as you drive during the day, stopping at scenic places but still allowing sufficient time at the motel to rest and use the swimming pool.

    Why Lone Pine? A better stopping point in my view would be Bishop -- more motels, great restaurants, and two of the must-stop places -- Mahogony Meats and Schats Bakery. Plus, if you time the next day, it's only a short trip to the Ancient Bristlecone Forest (see this field report for more information).

    More tips for planning family road trips.

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    In addition to the ancient bristlecone pines, the lakes west of Bishop are lovely and provide hiking opportunities. Ditto for Mammoth area (lakes and hikes) and there is probably more to entertain the lads there. You may also find Mono Lake more interesting than Lone Pine (which has a view of Mt Whitney on a clear day and the Alabama Hills, a popular area for filming).

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