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  1. Default Cross country trip with pets!

    Hi there! Last year I moved from Detroit, Michigan to Sandpoint, Idaho to experience new things and be closer to my boyfriend.

    I am planning to move back to finish school in July. I came out here alone, with just my dog and my small bunny. Now that I'm moving back, I will have my boyfriend with me, and our cat. I have a small 2 door car, rabbit cage, dog/cat cage and both my and his belongings. We are a young couple, if that helps.
    Now I will be using Greyhound to ship as much stuff back as I can. I am more looking for tips on how to keep the animals calm/fit all of them in the backseat. Dog and cat are around 10 lbs and the rabbit cage takes up half of my backseat and the other cage fits perfect. Should I put both the small dog and cat in the cage? Or would the cat be better off alone and my boyfriend holding our dog? She is good in car rides, but my cat tends to meow a lot.

    Any tips on cutting food costs? I am a vegetarian and would be fine with fruit and vegetables, but I am unsure how to keep them fresh for the 5 day drive that we are planning. I have budgeted around 1500 dollars to get us back to Detroit from Sandpoint, does that sound like enough/too much?

    Any tips and/or comments would be appreciated! Thanks all for your time!

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    Welcome aboard!

    The first thing that jumped out at me was boyfriend holding the dog. For 1800 miles (or however long a trip that is)??? That does not sound like much fun for him, and the dog won't like it much either. How do the cat and the dog get along? That MIGHT work in the same cage, but you'll have to stop a lot to go for a walk with the dog.

    Cutting food costs -- do you have room in the trunk for a small cooler? You could put them in that, with ice, and bring a small knife if you need to peel or cut. I would bring enough for 2 or 3 days, then stop again at a grocery store midway to restock. Grocery shopping in strange stores is an adventure, and latching onto something new is part of that. With a cooler, you can bring water, juices, soft drinks, and more.

    Also, the vast majority of motels offer a continental breakfast of some sort, for guests. Sometimes it's as simple (and disappointing) as sweet rolls/donuts, coffee and juice. But some offer fresh fruit, a waffle maker, toast, muffins, bagels, cereals (usually 2-3 kinds including packets of oatmeal), and more. I used to think that the more we paid for a room, the better the breakfast offering -- but that isn't a steadfast rule.


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    Yeah, it's about a 2200 mile drive. She is a small toy poodle, and is great in the car, but I'm sure he will want to do other things than hold her. The dog and cat get along great, they play all day and he's been around her since he was born (my roomates cat out here gave kittens and I kept one!) I just don't want it to be like, animal abuse if I put both of them in the cage at the same time.

    We plan on stopping every 2-3 hours, because I like to stop to take pictures and stretch and walk my dog and of course fill my tank. I will be doing all the driving and he hates long drives, so I just want to do anything I can to make the drive as easy and comfortable as possible for him and the pets. I on the other hand loved the drive out here and am so excited for the drive back.

    So I am planning on shipping all of my clothes and belongings that I can, beforehand. Does anyone have experience using Greyhound? I want to ship in the large rubbermaid tubs. And if I use spacebag for my clothes and sheets, will they explode on their to Michigan? haha

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    On the shipping bit, I haven't shipped anything by Greyhound in years. So I can't answer the specifics. If it were me, though, I would call Greyhound and talk to someone who is in the know on their freight shipments. They would be able to tell you about packing and shipping.

    I shipped a daughter's stuff to college about 8 years ago, but we used UPS. She took 3 suitcases and a carry-on, on the flight with her. (I think we had to pay for the 3rd piece of checked luggage ... Southwest Airlines.) Shipping her stuff, which was mostly the odds and ends that an 18 year old freshmen wants, cost us about $150 or $175. They broke one thing, but we'd insured it.


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