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Thread: Gas prices!

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    Default Gas prices!


    I'm a new member of RTA as of today. However, for the past few weeks, I've been browsing just about every RTA thread I can find concerning 48 state trips...because I have big plans for one in May 2013. You see, I get out of school the first week in May every year and start my full-time summer job the first week of June (but ultimately my start date is up to me). So I have a month, give or take, to complete the trip of my dreams! I realized I wanted to do this after driving from Nashua, NH to Fort Lauderdale, FL in two days. Felt like we could have done it in one! I did most of the driving, 8-10 hours per day on the 4 travel days. Loved it, actually. My trip for next year will be a solo.

    Okay, getting to my point here. I've done planning and budgeting, assuming gas will be around $4 a gallon. I figured I would need around $2,000-2,500 total for the trip. But I've been hearing nasty rumors about gas prices inflating in a ridiculous way. What have you all heard about gas prices? 5, 6 dollars by next year?! I'm just not even sure what a good source would be to research this in the first place.

    Additionally, what are some tips for saving money in general on road trips, including gas money, since there's nothing I can do about the prices? I have plans to buy a Civic or Camry (my dad's Camry got me to Montreal from Boston on just over a half-tank of gas!) in a few months for commuting to school in the fall.

    Thank you!

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    Default Right here, in this forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by JenniferB View Post
    My trip for next year will be a solo.
    Be aware that you will not be able to cover those distances on a solo trip, like you did with two of you. Especially not on a multi day trip.

    What have you all heard about gas prices? 5, 6 dollars by next year?!
    Right now, I am only a couple of weeks into my roadtrip, and have paid from $3.59 to $4.23 for regular unleaded. I know as I go west it will be more expensive, and have budgeted for $5 overall. (Particularly because I am aiming for AK.] By next year you could well be looking at $5 or more. It is always better to 'over' budget, than run short.

    Additionally, what are some tips for saving money in general on road trips ...
    You are already in the forum where you will find many tips. If I were you I would study every recent thread throroughly.


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    Lifey - thanks for the advice. I'm hoping I could still work with $5/gal. And it's looking like most days will have about 6-9 hours of driving but I'm taking multiple days off where I'll do no driving at all, and some days with as little as 2 hours. I determined that would be fine with me because driving to Florida was taking us 12 hours per day, and I was willing to drive all 12. But all my friends were sick of napping so I reluctantly gave up the wheel after 10. I do understand that after more than two days it will be different, that's why I added many rest days. Thanks again!

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    If you could accurately predict gas prices a year from now, you could be so rich that you wouldn't ever need to worry about the price of anything ever again!

    The reality is that prices are going to fluctuate based on a huge number of factors, including supply and demand and world events.

    If Greece and Spain's economies collapse, europe and much of the rest of the world could dive back into a deep recession, dropping gas prices back below $3 a gallon. There could be a war in Iran that sends gas prices soaring to $6, 7, 8 or even beyond. And there are millions of factors in the middle.

    I'd agree with lifey that budgeting $5 is probably a relatively safe number, but any number you have is going to basically be a guess that you'll have to keep monitoring throughout the planning process.

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    Another idea...ask for gifts of gift cards for gasoline, or prepaid Visa cards, making sure that they don't expire! We gave our daughter an Arco gift card one year and she felt like I'd handed her gold.


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    Mike - I really appreciate the insight and advice...I can keep an eye on that. I'm interested in world events so that'll give me something to read and keep up on!

    Donna - that's a great idea...I will be seeing my birthday and Christmas before this trip and I can definitely say the trip is more exciting than any other gift I could ask for!

    Thanks again!

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