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  1. Default mother going on a road trip to florida from nyc with her 2 kids ages 8 and 7.

    hello everyone.
    well im thinking about going on a road trip to florida from nyc with my 2 kids.
    i reall need some advice. have anyone done this. what activity to do with the kids. a safe overnite area and more. please help.

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    Default Well...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It would help if we knew a little bit more about you and your family, and your travel plans. Such as: Where in Florida are you headed? How much time do you have for the entire trip? What are your children's ages? What are their interests? Have they ever made this trip, or any RoadTrip, before? Have you? I travel every couple of years with my two grandsons and enjoy it largely because I have such great memories of RoadTrips my mom took me on when I was young. Here are some general hints for traveling with children, but really every RoadTrip is unique and we'd love to be able to give you something beyond generic advice.

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    hello dear!
    we are going to hallandale, fort and miami. we have 3 weeks to spare and my kids ages are 7 and 8. i have done it before but not as a driver and my children were 3 and 4 at the moment. is been a while. my kids are open to everything they love the outdoors, my son love history and my girl love shopping lolz. we usually fly to florida every year for like a month and a half, but this year i wanted to do something different . we need that quuality time and now that they are a bit older i believe this experience will be just great.

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    Default With That Much Time

    Three weeks is actually quite a bit of time for a Florida RoadTrip from New York City, so I'd urge you to spend a fair portion of it on the 'new' part of this trip, the drive down and back. If you take the inland route down, then you can let your kids explore the outdoors in Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks as well as Okefenokee Swamp; history at Gettysburg, Antietem, Kings Mountain and St. Augustine; even shopping in quaint towns (not cookie cutter malls) such as Lexington VA, Mt Airy NC (the inspiration for Mayberry/Mt Pilot), and downtown Savannah. There is enough just on that route that you could split the possibilities between the southbound and northbound drives and still not run out of ideas. Just leave plenty of time for the journey - there will still be plenty of time for the beaches.


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    thank you so much , im so excited already. my kids will love it. nyc has no nature to me.

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