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    Default Dream Summer Road Trip

    Hi, i'm a first time user from London, UK. My friend (28) and I (25), are planning a road trip this aug '12. Single driver, so was wondering if our planned route/time frame was do able. We aim to see some of America's well known states/landmarks and experience the party scene.

    9th of august until the 13th of august Cuba (hotel) 4 nights
    13th august until 17th august Miami (hotel) 4 nights
    Miami to Florida - 234mil 4hr - (Villa) 17th august to 21st
    Florida to NYC1092mil 19hrs(Friends) 22 to the 26th august
    NYC to Toronto 491 mil 9hrs(hotel) 26th to the 30th august
    Toronto to Chicago 9hr (Hotel) 31 to the 1st
    Chicago to Grand Canyon 1,680mil 28hrs(Camp) 3rd to 4th august
    --We plan to make stops on the way to Grand Canyon--
    Grand Canyon to Las Vegas 276mil 5hrs(Hotel) 4th to the 6th
    Las Vegas to Hawaii (Hotel) 6th to the 10th
    Hawaii to Las Vegas ariprot not staying
    Las Vegas to California 10th to 17th (tba)
    Los Angeles to London 20th

    Is the time frame realistic? Are we speninding enough time at each loation? Have we hit the major nightlife cities?

    Not sure what else, but any help would be very much appreiciated

    Kyle Love

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    Default Mileage.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The thing to note here is that when you are talking of journeys over 600 miles you need to think of it in days not hours.

    For example, Florida to New York and the [nearly] 1100 miles is two full days of driving for at least 10 hours each day with only basic stops. I would also recommend at least 2 overnight stops on route to the GC and more if you would like to do some sight seeing. To help with your planning you should expect a 550-600 mile day to be 10 hours of driving with basic stops and lunch etc. Add to that up to a couple of hours either end of the day getting ready, having breakfast, getting an evening meal and unwinding and you are closer to a 14 hour day. There are many attractions and other National parks that you could visit as you drive across the country, it's a case of where and how you want to prioritise your time. You certainly have enough time to make it realistic trip but if anything I would be looking for a little more time out of the City and more among natures finest.

    It sounds like quite an awesome trip !

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    Default significant potential problems

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I see several areas that look like they could be big problems.

    To start, visiting Cuba and then Miami is not an easy transition. Because of the embargo, you will likely either need to fly to Mexico or Canada, and then take a connecting flight. There may be some charters, but you won't find any regular air service between the two.

    The onto your driving, It looks like you've got some impossible legs.

    You didn't say where in "Florida" your villa is, but you need at least 2 full days for the drive to New York.

    The most concerning element, however, is your Chicago to Grand Canyon section. Even without any extra stops, you need a minimum of 3 full days for this drive, and it looks like you've only got 2 days planned, and that would include your actual time at the Canyon. That's just not possible.

    Perhaps I've misread your plan, but that's going to have to change. I'm also a little curious about your plan to camp at the Grand Canyon. When you factor the cost to buy even basic supplies, camping for just one or two nights will cost far more than just staying in a hotel.

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    Thank you guys for the quick and informative advice. I'll take the feedback to my friend and we'll come back with a revised plan.

    P.S awesome website!!

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    From your advice we have:

    Taken out Cuba which has given us 4 nights to add to the Miami - Florida and Chicago - Grand Canyon leg of the trip.

    Going to stay in a hotel rather then camp in the Canyon

    The family villa is on International Drive, where we have also added on extra two nights so we can make the most of Disney World.

    Are their any dangerous places we should avoid on the trip?

    I'm a decent driver but it will be my 1st time on the road in America, im a little concerned but also excited

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    Default So much in between.

    It is generally advised that you do not cross the border into Mexico because of the volatile drug wars going on, other than that you should have no need to worry. Just use your natural instincts as you would at home, if some place doesn't feel right it usually isn't and simply move on. Remember, everywhere is someones hometown.

    I would really look at using some time travelling between Denver and Grand canyon where you will find spectacular scenery, great driving roads and some wonderful National and State Parks and Monuments. Keep searching around the RTA forums with a good map to hand and see what appeals to you. As you get more dots on the map we can help fill in the blanks and to 'fine tune' your plans.

    As for driving, you will soon adapt to driving on the 'other' side of the road.

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    Thank you again, i'll def have a look around the sight & will be back when we have 'more dots on the map'

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    In August, the Grand Canyon will be very crowded and congested - to the extent that just finding a place to park can be a problem. For that reason, I think it is best to stay at one of the lodges in Grand Canyon Village. Unfortunately, you may already be to late to get a reservation. However, there are some facilities just out side the Park that have shuttles to the Village. An alternative is to stay in Williams, AZ and take a train to the Canyon. I've heard mixed reviews on this with some liking it and some saying it does not give you enough time.

    You will not get the most out of Disney World in two days. It is composed of four major theme parks: The Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood and Epcot Center. You can easily spend an entire day at each and not see or do everything there is to see and do. In addition, there is a waterpark and Downtown Disney, an area of shops, restuarants, night spots and entertainment such as Cirque du Soleil.

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    Thank you Charlie... We're going to try find more info on the Grand Canyon and facilities outside it because we don't wont to be driving around looking for a parking space lol.

    Yeh we realised after looking around this website that 2 days in Disney World isnt enough, so we're thinking of adding an extra 3/4 nights to that section.

    Thanks again & if anyone else has any more info or ideas however small it will be appreciated


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    You've made two wise decisions.

    A little more about Disney World. By far the best way to do Disney World is to stay at one of the Disney Resorts. That way, you have access to free transportation to any of the Theme Parks, the waterpark and Downtown Disney. However, I don't know what your budget is and staying at a Disney facility can be pretty pricey. Reasonable lodging outside of the park is readily available and some facilities have shuttle service to Disney. We just returned from the Orlando/Kissimmee area spending three days at Disney's Port Orleans resort (one of their "moderate" resorts) and 4 days at two different locations outside the park. The three days at Port Orleans plus a four day "park hopper" pass was about $1,400. The four nights outside the park cost a total of less than $260. One location was nice the other very nice. The park hopper pass allows you to visit more than one park on the same day. A regular pass limits you to one park per day. Hope this helps.

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