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    Hi; First ill like to say this is an excellent forum! Very helpful;

    So we (wife, 2 yr old son and me) are going on a Disney cruise departing from cape Canaveral on may 19, we are planning to drive on our truck camper on 5 days from Quebec to our destination, doing around 5 hours a day or less if possible, also try to avoid all traffic as well, we want to enjoy as much as we can our trip, my litter boy don’t like much the back seat, he really needs to move!!, questions: which will be the best route and recommended places to stop, visit, sleep and have some fun on our way south and which will be a secondary route for our return trip, thinking of 6-7 days coming back home.

    We will appreciate any advice.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Up and Down the East Coast

    Bienvenue sur les forums de RoadTrip Amérique. Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Needless to say, the subject of a RoadTrip on the East Coast of the US with the ultimate destination of Florida has come up before, as has the subject of traveling with 'active' children. So let me first point you to a few of our best general resources on those subjects and then see if you have any further questions. For a general route down I'd recommend the inland route listed here. That will keep you well away from all the major cities and give you an easy and scenic drive. As with all major roads there will be plenty of places to stop every couple of hours to let your son get some exercise. On the way back, you will have additional time so you might want to consider taking the coastal route back north up through the Delmarva Peninsula to Wilmington DE and then use PA-100 to bypass Philadelphia and connect at Allentown with either I-476/I-81 or with US-209/I-84/I-87 through Montréal back to Québec.

    For more suggestions and ideas on traveling with young children check out these articles:
    Are We There Yet?
    Tips for a Great Family RoadTrip
    Families & Kids: Links & Resources

    As to where to stop each night. You only have to cover about 300 miles a day, so you should be able to do that in five hours of actual driving. That leaves plenty of time for out-of-car activities, and if you split the day's driving into three or four segments, then you're never driving more than an hour and a half to two hours at any one sitting. I think that in your case, I'd just pick my stops out as I progressed down the road, leaving you the option of pulling up a little early one night if your son has has a melt-down, or continuing on if he seems to be doing well.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    You will find that we really don't do "best routes" here on RTA. What may be the best route for you and the best route for me are likely to be two different things. I'd recommend that you poke around the Map Center here on RTA and see what types of things interest you on the way down/back, and then develop a route based on those. We can help you connect the dots once we know what you want to do.

    Offhand, I can think of the following: Appalachian Mountains, The Great Smoky Mountains, Hershey PA (chocolate factory tour and/or amusement park), civil war battle sites.

    As far as traveling with a little one, stop often so that he can use the facilities/be changed (if not potty trained) and so that he can run. My kids used to take naps at that age when in the car. Bring some of his favorite "little toys". I used to put them in a bag that my kids couldn't reach, and at each stop we'd put one away and I'd bring out a different one. (I also brought their favorite tapes, much to my husband's chagrin -- he could only stand so much of kids' songs going over and over again! But it kept the kids happy.)


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