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  1. Default cross country from fl-cali-denver

    1st let me say this is a great site for someone that has never done this. Thank You.

    i will be relocating from south florida to denver. but first i have 30 days to see the us before i have to be back at work.
    this is what i have so far.
    1 2 new orleans (826.6 mi)
    2 2 san antonio (545.3 mi)
    3 2 albuquerque (728.6 mi)
    4 2 grand canyon (397.3 mi)
    5 2 hoover dam (240.2 mi)
    6 to vegas (34.6 mi)
    8 2 san diego zoo (325.8 mi)
    10 2 santa barbra (223.9 mi)
    11 2 san fran (331.6 mi)
    12 2 cedar city (737.1 mi)
    13 2 moab (287 mi)
    14 2 new home denver (353.8 mi)

    i just want to see if i have enough time if not then i will not be going up the coast of cali and start heading back.
    thanks for all the tips.

    also any tips for vegas?

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    Default Time Enough

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Sure, you have time enough. You're looking at about ten or eleven days worth of solid driving spread out over a month, so you'd only have to average about 200 miles a day, or 400 miles every other day, or whatever combination of driving and sightseeing works for you.

    As for specific tips, that would depend on your interests and what you hope to get out of this trip, which you haven't shared with us yet.


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    Default Just a 'SMALL' selection.

    You certainly have enough time not to have the need to do 700/800 mile driving days and we usually recommend 500-600 miles a day with just the basic stops as a maximum.

    As Buck mentioned we know nothing of your interests but just a few things that spring to mind in the west would be Monument Valley, Mesa Verde NP, Death Valley Sequoia NP, Big Sur, Yosemite, [a must for me] Zion, Bryce Canyon, Utah scenic 12, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, Colorado National Monument, Loveland Pass and so much more. There is much to see near Denver, like Rocky mountain NP, but if it's to be your new home you can plan trips like that in the future.

    I would recommend you lay out a good map of the USA and follow your proposed route and see how you can best alter it to head to places that suit your tastes. You will find a lot of info and ideas by searching the RTA pages and forums [check out the Map Centre in the tool bars above for attractions] and as it starts to come together we are here to help 'fine tune' your plans and offer suggestions.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    yosemite was one of the stops i missed, big sur im gonna check out. depending on time im gonna check out zion and canyon land.

    im 26 and the girl is 23. we both like to see nature and like the downtown food drinks thing also.
    up for anything kinda people.

    hoover dam is worth stoping at? i was gonna skip death valley because its out of the way from how we were going. is it worth the stop?

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    Default It's all "worth it".

    Death Valley, like all National Parks is certainly worth a visit, but you won't have time for everything and it's a case of the selection process, based on what holds most appeal to you and the time you have. Same goes for Hoover Dam, but that could be done with a quick stop on the way to Vegas, without the need for an overnight stop. [or two]

    If you are going to end up visiting more than 4 major parks then the annual pass for $80 will be a saving and you will be able to use it for the rest of the year as the name suggests. Great for RMNP visits !

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