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    Hello All,

    Cant afford the Disney Package. The disney package is around $5500.-- without airfair. I stopped at that point. (fainted)
    4 Adults (we all have driving license) and 3 children, 2 - 8 year olds, and 1- 11 year old. So i throught, we'll come out cheaper driving down in a large RV that sleeps 7 $3000.00 to rent. I want to take my family to to Disney this summer around 8/2012 with my 2 daughter and and my man and my 3 grands. I was planing a 7 day trip. How much will the total gas cost? how far is it? (miles) with gas being $411 a gallon. ) We can take turn driving without stopping for a long period of time. Little scared but, i think it is cheaper. Any suggestions how i can get my children to see Disney.
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    Default Must stop overnight.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You can expect a large class 'C' RV to average 9-10mpg, so you will be looking at 100 gallons each way. If you wanted to keep on the safe side and call it 200 gallons @ $4.5/5 per gallon then you are looking at $900- $1000 for gas alone. Basically it's a thousand miles each way.

    You can not expect to do this trip without having a full nights stop each way. No matter how many drivers you have, you can not expect small children to be strapped into seats for such long periods of time and they have to be seated and belted [as do the adults] while the vehicle is moving. It is a minimum 2 day drive each way with basic stops and you will have to account for campground fees throughout the trip.

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    What are campground fees.

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    oh, im sorry,thank you for the information

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    Default Overnight.

    I think you may have already realised what I was referring too when I said campground Fees, which of course is the cost to park your rig in an RV park for the night. I would imagine this could be quite costly in the vicinity of Disney. When driving to and from, you could stay at a truck stop, but it wouldn't be a whole lot of fun for anyone. You wouldn't be able to set up camp and the Kids wouldn't be able to run around and let off steam easily, and I think they will need to after a long day on the road.

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    If you didn't rent the RV, do you have a vehicle capable of carrying 3 children and 4 adults such as a mini-van. If so, I think it would be cheaper to utilize motels. The RV is going to cost $3,000. You would save at least $200 in gas. That means you would have $3.200 or over $450 a night for seven nights to spend on motels. Even if you need three rooms, you can easily do that for much less than $450 a night. While the Disney Lodges are fairly expensive, inexpensive lodging in the Kissimmee/Orlando area is available. We just returned from 7 days in the area staying three nights in Disney's Port Orleans and 4 nights at other facilities. We spent less than $260 total for the 4 non-Disney nights. One location was nice, the other very nice. I'm not an RVer but know from talking to friends who are that fees are going to be in the neighberhood of $35-$40 a night.

    I'm curious as to how many of the four drivers have experience driving a large RV - they're not cars.

    Something else to consider is that unless you're planning on towing a vehicle, you'd have to rely on the RV for transportation. While many hotels in the area have shuttles to Disney, I'm not sure about campgrounds. If not, that means you would have to "break camp" every day so that the RV would be available for transportation.

    Long story made short, you're not going to save any money by RVing it.

    Have A Great Trip!!

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    You say you can drive long periods without stopping, but with three kids all under the age of 12 i don't know how well that will go or what constitutes a "long time".

    i remember when i was a kid. i could barely sit in the car for longer than 2 hours a pop without having to visit the little gentlemen's room or want to get out and run around for a bit.

    granted, it wouldn't set you back too much, but i would factor in stopping every 2 or 2.5 hours and getting everyone out of the RV - stop at a park and have a picnic or something so you get fresh air and so the kids are out and about. another positive of that is if they wear out, they may sleep most of time while in the RV.

    also, have the kids (or any of the adults) been on a road trip of this length before? if so, you may know (somewhat) how the kids respond to long car rides. if not, you may be in for a surprise!

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    As much as I love RV's, an RV in the Disney parks properties (Fort Wilderness) will set you back $50+ PER NIGHT. You can stay "off property" (away from the Disney area) in RV parks that will be $35-40 or get a hotel room or two.


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    Its actually even worse that Donna said to stay at Fort Wilderness.

    A Tent site on an off-season weekday is $50. A RV site is a minimum of $70 per night, and if you are going during the summer, you'll most certainly be paying more than $100 per night in an RV.

    I'm sure you can find cheaper places off disney, but as has also been mentioned, you can find great motel deals for under $50 at many places not far from the Disney gates.

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    Default False Economy

    You are looking at over $4000 just in transportation costs to get you to Orlando and back. To be honest, I just don't get it. You say that you're trying to save money. But you can rent two standard-sized cars for about $450-500, and another $550 for gas for both of them round trip. Throw in three comfortable hotel rooms on the way down and three more on the way back, and your transportation costs are only $1500 or so total. You can have an awful lot of fun at Disney World on the $2500 you've saved in just getting there! Plus, two cars gives you some freedom to mix and match who has to sit with whom at any point on the drive, and gives you some freedom to act independently for the week you're all together in Orlando.


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