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  1. Default Las Vegas to Los Angeles ..... via Yosemite


    My family and I are travelling from the UK in late May. We’re flying into Las Vegas where we’ll be visiting friends (for 3/4 days) and then hiring an RV for the remainder of our trip (8 days).

    We’re flying home from Los Angeles where we’ll also drop the RV. During our trip we would ideally like to visit Death Valley, Yosemite, maybe San Francisco (but I wonder if this may take too long) and then head down to LA, taking in anywhere else that is a ‘must’.

    Bearing in mind that 8 days isn't long for this trip I’d really welcome some advice on:

    a. Are we mad to travel so far in such a short time and, if so, what route would be advisable to make the most of our time?

    b. If our planned route isn't too crazy, what should should be on our list of ‘must see’, i.e in Death Valley, Yosemite etc?

    Our kids are 13 and 10 and we’ll be taking them out of school so want to make this trip a real education for them and as memorable as possible.

    Thanks so much.
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    Default Well, Yes, Sort Of

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Sure, you have time to drive to all the places that you've listed. You'd need to spend about 3˝ days or so driving even if Tioga Pass is still closed (highly likely) and you drive the scenic but slow Pacific Coast Highway highly recommended. You'll also need to give yourselves something like a full day in the Los Angeles area to return the RV, get organized for your flight home and see at least a bit of that city's attractions. So, that leaves you about 3˝ days to actually spend on site at Death Valley, Yosemite, and San Francisco, The question is - Is that enough for you? Those are some spectacular sites and deserve some time well spent. I think you're just at the cusp of having enough time, where more would be welcome of course, but you can still have a great trip with the time you have.


  3. Default Ok im panicking now!

    Hi, I’ve been trying to rent an RV from Las Vegas. Tried the big companies (Cruise America, Road Bear etc) but they have no availability. I have a price from CampertravelUSA but when I searched them on this Forum there were some concerns that the company may not be legitimate. They can offer me a EMI FS 31. Is this an old RV? Ha anyone here used this company before? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much

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    Default Concerns vs. Adventure

    Perhaps the defining hallmark of RoadTrip America is that we make every attempt to base our recommendations on personal experience, and to to give the people coming here for advice the very best guidance we can. Sometimes that means saying that we just don't know. In the case of CamperTravelUSA, that's I think what you're seeing. No one here has any personal experience with them. When I try to do a search of some on their on-line reputation, I don't see the usual comments on their service, reliability, or fleet, but rather comments on how well their website is put together and how many other sites link to them. Fine, but not really what I want to know or anything that gives me a warm fuzzy about recommending them.

    But, you are in the perfect position to do the one thing that we recommend more often than anything else, do what works best for you. You will be in Las Vegas for a few days before you need to pick up your vehicle. Go to the physical site of CamperTravelUSA, and examine what they have available. There is no better way to judge the quality of the merchandise than putting your own eyeballs on target and seeing what the physical plant looks like. The EMI FS31 is a relatively standard Class C vehicle and should meet your needs. But be ready to walk away if what they offer you seems old or not well maintained. Remember that your 'worst case' fall back is to simply rent a sedan (cheaper) and stay in motels.


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    Hi, Thanks for your reply. RoadBear contacted me and we have managed to secure an RV with them. So we can relax now and start planning our trip. Cant wait!

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    Default Yosemite.

    I would try to work on when you will be in Yosemite and then see if you can get an RV spot asap. They are limited in number and always in high demand so you might find them booked out. You will be able to find alternatives nearby, but there is nothing like being inside the park and using the shuttle buses, without having the need to move the RV each day. I would recommend one of the 'Pines' campgrounds in Yosemite Valley.

    Once you have figured out some bits we can always help to 'fine tune' the plan, Enjoy !

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