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  1. Default Month long trip: L.A. to Montreal

    Hi everyone,

    So me and my friend are planning a month long trip from L.A. to Montreal this summer, via Vegas, Roswell, Austin, Memphis, Chicago and New York. Our route so far is as follows:

    L.A-Vegas-Flagstaff-Gallups-Santa Fe-Roswell-Fort Stockton-Austin (we're still planning out the details of rest).

    We're looking to keep on a budget by camping, staying in hostels and motels, and couch surfing along the way (we have friends dotted around the country and are using, filling up a cooler for day to day food, and our entertainment will hopefully come from meeting a bunch of kick ass people rather than paying money for shows or attractions.

    I'm pretty clueless when it comes to gas prices, but our trip is roughly 4000 miles, so I figure we need to set aside around $1000 for gas? Any advice about this would be much appreciated!

    I'm pretty sure that this trip is achievable, but any tips/comments would be great!

    Here's a URL to our potential route,3,4,5,6,7&z=4

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    Default Doable.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you have the funds then the trip is perfectly achievable, one that could be done in a about 7-8 days without sight seeing, leaving you quite a bit of time to explore along the way. You have mapped out a route now it's time to find things that interest you along the way. To help you with this I would suggest searching around the forums and road trip planning pages above and get some ideas.

    To the right of this page you will see the Fuel cost calculator which will give you a cost estimate if you know how many miles you are doing and the mpg of your vehicle. If you allow $5 per gallon and your vehicle returns 20mpg, you are about right in your estimate. What most people fail to consider is all those 'little' detours over such a long trip, and just the additional mileage getting in and out of a City, this can add up.

    Is it a one way trip ? If so what about vehicle, are you renting or relocating ? Rental companies will not let you drop the vehicle in a different country. Almost all one way rentals will be subject to a hefty drop fee and any drivers under 21 will have to pay a daily young driver fee [per person] that could get real expensive.

    As you continue to plan and come across new questions, just ask away !

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    Thanks very much!

    Yeah we're planning to do a couple of nights in a bunch of different places, we want to stretch out the trip so we'll be stopping to see sites and visit people etc.

    One way trip! We have a car in L.A. that we're leaving with a family member in Montreal so we don't need to worry about rentals.

    Thanks for the reply!

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