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    Default Any news on I75 TN

    A while back someone posted that there had been landslides at Stinkey Creek Road, TN on the I 75
    What is the update anyone?
    We will be driving from Barrie to Orlando new Thursday and we are trying to work out whether to go via Michigan or thru Buffalo
    Also if we went via Buffalo how is the driving/roads from Buffalo and trying to hook up with I 75 south of where the landslide is/was?

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    Default Stinking Creek Update

    I believe that you're referring to the post I-75-southbound-closed-by-landslide-in-northern-TN. As it happens, Tennessee (as do most states) has a website that allows you to check on the current conditions of most major roads in the state. Just click on the 'Construction' tab and check out the location. In this particular case, they're calling for the work to be completed around mid-May. The current restriction is that there is a single lane southbound and only two lanes northbound for a stretch of about three miles,


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    Default I-75 southbound lane closure

    The TN DOT website so kindly linked by AZBuck shows no traffic congestion on I-75 at this particular moment. Frankly, I don't believe it. I-75 is a very heavily traveled section of Interstate and taking it down to 1 lane southbound at a point not far north of Knoxville is likely to create significant backups at most any time of day or night. Perhaps some additional review and searching about that situation will determine if my skepticism is well-founded or not.

    I know this for certain: If I were planning a trip and had a reasonable alternative route avoiding this, I'd take it.


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