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    Hi, we plan to do a driving trip from LA to Blue Ridge Parkway and back in May. Is it doable in three weeks? If so, please suggest the scenic routes we should take. We've done two road trips, one covering West Coast and another, the Midwest. We have been told to fly to New York instead, take rental car from there and drive to BRP but we would like to stop by Las Vegas on the way back. Would appreciate your advice.


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Yes, the trip is completely doable in three weeks. The one-way from Los Angeles to the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway is roughly 5 days, so that's ten right there. This gives you another 11 days to spare for your trek along the Parkway itself and any scenic sites you want to see along the way. If your plan is to take roads other than Interstate on the way out, this will impact your timeline.

    If going the Interstate route, you could head up towards Denver on your way to Virginia, going through Utah on the way, and then coming back across I-40 to US-93 to get to Las Vegas. This does send you through Las Vegas on the way out, but nobody said you have to stop at that time. It also creates a nice loop route.

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    Default Parkway and National Park details

    Hello Christine,

    It's pleasing to know someone thinks highly enough of the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) to drive clear across the country to visit it! I can recommend careful study of the National Park Service (NPS) website for the BRP, and with so much time available, you should review the Shenandoah National Park (SNP) website, as well. The SNP is essentially atop of the Blue Ridge Mountains in north-central VA and the Skyline Drive (SD) is the BRP-like drive through its center, dead on top of the ridgeline. Many consider the SD and BRP to be two parts of the same attraction, and since the southern end of the SD is the beginning of the BRP at Rockfish Gap, VA, at I-64, it's a logical assumption. The SD, the SNP, and the BRP are all Federal NPS properties.

    Be aware that the SD is some 105 miles in length and the BRP totals 469 miles. That's a whole lot of slow, curvy road driving, and some might consider doing the whole length to be too much of a good thing. For that reason, have a look-see at some of the many, many attractions a short distance away from the route and consider them to provide a break from the slow-moving travel on the Parkway. You may also be interested in spending a night or two or three at one Parkway attraction or another, be it Peaks of Otter, VA, Blowing Rock, NC, or the Asheville, NC area.

    Be aware that weekends will see heavy SD/BRP use and orient your driving and accomodations plans to recognize that. The weather may fool you, too, especially from around Blowing Rock on south past Asheville to Cherokee, where the BRP reaches its highest elevations (and where it may well be at or below freezing at night or even during the early parts of the day). Bring your warmies and a rain jacket.

    Enjoy the planning and the RoadTrip! You've picked a grand time to visit.


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    Default Rocky Knob Cabins

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for your email - and well done for raising the question here too, I knew Foy would deliver detailed advice!

    One thing I forgot to mention in my reply was Rocky Knob Cabins.

    These were built in the 1930s to house the CCC workers who built the parkway. Accommodation is basic but perfectly comfortable. You can self-cater (as we did) or get something to eat at nearby Meadows of Dan. And in the morning you're only a mile or so from Mabry Mill where you'll get a great breakfast.

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