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    Sorry to jump on this (very) old thread, but I'd potencially like to drive the Kennedy Meadows Road. I would start from the Eastside access is via Nine Mile Cayon Road (J41) and would like to end up wherever is best to then get to the south entrance of the Yosemite national park. So I'd like to know how long it would take me to drive from the US 395 crossing to the other side of the park, say california hot springs.

    many thanks

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've moved this to its own thread, rather than trying to jump on a one that's 7 years old.

    When are you planning to make this drive and where are you planning to start your day?

    I'd say you'd probably be best off going out to Springville rather than CA Hot Springs, which will also take you past the trail of 100 giants, one of the only places you'll see Giant Sequoias without going into Sequoia National Park. Its been a long time since I made this drive, but I'd expect it would take you a good half day -about 5 hours- plus whatever time you stop for exploration.

    Also make sure you fill up your fuel tank before starting this drive. I don't believe there is any spot on the route to get fuel, unless you go all the way back down to Kernville.

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    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your reply. We would take this trip late may, probably around the 27th.
    We would basically come from the west exit of the Death Valley national park,

    Originally, we were planning to go from the north east exit of the park straight to the Yosemite, but aparently the road might not be open at this time of the year so I though we could enjoy a scenic drive the on the way since we have to do a big detour.

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    Then I have some bad news.

    This route typically opens up for the year after Tioga Pass. If Tioga is not yet open for the year, then this road will almost certainly be closed too.

    You could take CA-178 to Lake Isabella/Kernville and then head up towards the Sequoia National Monument, for scenic detour, but Sherman Pass (via Kennedy Meadows) won't be an option to avoid a closed Tioga Pass.

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    Right, Thanks for the information. That will greatly help to plan this trip.
    Do you have any idea where I will be able to monitor the opening of the Sherman Pass ? At first sight I haven't seen this information on the park's webiste as we might just drive this road even though Tioga Pass is open.

    Otherwise, CA-178 to Lake Isabella/Kernville sounds like a good alternative.

    Thanks again for your help!

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