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    Planning on trip to the grand canyon in late July trying to attach map but will be going to Carlsbad then roswell looking for must see roadside attractions giant balls of string and such. Ghost towns would be awesome. First road trip and looking for ideas have 2 weeks and don't want to run out of stuff to do.

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    Default No fear of that.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !!

    Is this a round trip ? Is it a family road trip ? There is no fear of running out of things do !! You could spend a lifetime and not manage to do so !! If it's a return trip, it's quite the opposite actually. You can stilll have a great trip but you will have 8-9 days of driving and then whatever time at the Canyon to consider first.

    You can get a whole bunch of ideas searching around the forums and and the resources in the tool bars above. Have a look around and let us know a little more about your plans and then we can come up with more meaningful advice.

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    Sorry it's a round trip
    Stop 1 Carlsbad
    Stop 2 roswell
    Stop 3 petroglyphs
    Stop 4 land of fire and ice
    Stop 5 petrified forest
    Stop 6 jack rabbit
    Stop 7 totem pole
    Stop 8 twin arrows
    Stop 9 grand canyon south rim
    Stop 10 north rim
    Then back home but looking for other attractions along the way pretty much highway 285 then 40
    You think we can do this in 2 weeks 3 adults and a 5 year old

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    The wife really wants to see some waterfalls and all I can find is sitting bul falls witch I think is closed? And Hausa falls wich I can't do with a 5 year old ten mile hike is to far. Would really like some campground with a 1 to 2 mile hike to some falls or something

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    Default Breaking it down.

    I think you might be underestimating the distances involved and the time it will take. You can certainly visit some stops out and some on the way back, but you will have to pick and choose carefully. I really don't think you will have time to do both the south rim and the north rim justice and would look at visiting just one of them with a more relaxed approached of getting there.

    I am presuming you have just listed your stops as places you want to visit ? "Stop 1", you would be hard pressed to be there in 3 days of driving, with the need of a little one, I would allow 4 full days to get there and divide your overnights up as evenly as possible. Maybe New Orleans for example, and then an overnight stop either side of it, perhaps Tallahassee and San Antonio for example.

    I would sit down and work out the sections of your trip of where you plan to stop and what you would like to see, and then we can help fill in the blanks.

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