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  1. Default Knoxville to Washington DC on route 81 & then 66

    Hi everybody

    I will be riding a Megabus from Knoxville TN to Washington DC, this May.
    I can choose to take a night bus and sleep through the entire 8 hour journey, or take the day bus.
    My question is, will the scenery along the route be a good enough reason to prefer the day bus over the night bus?
    I havent been to that part of the States, so would really appreciate some sage advice.


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    If you like to see the scenery it will be gud to take the day bus ,bez at night the bus starts at 10:30 pm in Knoxville and u will reach D.C by 7:15 am in the morning. I never went in the morning trip .

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    Default Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but............

    .........I happen to believe the Great Valley, including the Shenandoah Valley, is one of the more beautiful pastoral landscapes in the US. I-81 runs between the Blue Ridge Mountains on the east and the Alleghney Mountains on the west, with broad agricultural valleys and lower forested ridges in between. Unless you happen to travel on a bad weather day, you'll be within sight of the Blue Ridge the whole way. If it's early May, the Blue Ridge will just be "greening out" in full, while at the lower elevations along I-81, the trees will be fully budded out and the flowers blooming.

    To some degree, I'd not consider the night trip since I can't sleep well on a bus and in a bus seat, but aside from that, that's a ride I'd love to take with somebody else behind the wheel. If you want to see the Blue Ridge Mountains, sit on the right side going up to DC.


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    Foy, thanks for the great tips! I'll be a day tripper :)

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    Thanks, Bobby

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