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    We are planning a roadtrip of the whole country for 1-2 months. Everywhere we look, the routes seem very divided (east, west, north, south). We want to road trip the WHOLE country. At least its key places. We have some ideas, but would love to know must-sees. What places MUST we visit? We are looking for beautiful landscapes, more nature oriented road trip rather than city and drinking. We will start in Florida, want to go to all the way to California. We have Idaho, New Orleans, Nevada, and a lot more states in mind (all over the place!!) all of it by car.

    Any tips, or ideas as to start our itinerary are very appreciated!

    thanks so much


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    Welcome to RTA!

    Wow, that's a big order -- trying to choose what to see in 1-2 months. We don't really "do" "MUST SEE'S" here on RTA, because everyone has different tastes. Realize that this country is HUGE. It takes about 6 days to cross it in each direction.

    What you might want to do -- take out a good map or atlas of the US, and really pour over it. What sounds good? Put a sticky tab by everything that looks like something that would interest one or both of you. The route will start to show easier, that way.

    Another thought is to take a southern route on the way from FL to CA, and then go back via a different route (if you are planning a loop trip). Otherwise you would/could zig-zag all the way from FL to CA and just fly back when you're done. (Bear in mind, if you're renting a car, you'll be paying a one-way drop off fee anywhere from $500 to 750.)


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